Eddie Van Halen: Quick facts about rock guitarist wey die from cancer at di age of 65

Eddie Van Halen


Eddie Van Halen, di ogbonge guitar man and co-founder of di popular rock band Van Halen don die from cancer at age 65.

Di Dutch-American musician bin dey receive treatment for throat cancer. Top rock musicians don already dey pay dia last respect to am.

Who be Eddie Van Halen?

Van Halen na one of di biggest names for rock music industry.

Im be di pikin of Eugenia and Jan Van Halen wey dem born for Amsterdam, Netherlands. Im interest for music bin start from small wen im learn how to play piano.

As Van Halen grow up, im switch to drums den guitar wey im bin dey play wit im popsi and brother for weddings.

Tho pipo sabi im band, Van Halen for dia song ‘Jump’ wey hit top of di US charts for 1984, e get some tins wey many pipo no too sabi about am.

Im band bin enta Guinness Book of World Record

Guinness World Record bin recognize Van Halen afta im perform wit im band for one US Festival for California wia dem make $1.5 million for 90 minutes.

Di record book say di performance na di highest paid single appearance from one band, as at dat time.

Power drill don feature as one of im music instruments

Van Halen carry creativity enta anoda level wen im sample di sound from power drill for one im tracks, ‘Poundcake’. You fit hear am for di song intro and di guitar solo.

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Im band ban brown M&M from dia backstage

Tori bin spread say Van Halen band no dey allow brown M&Ms for dia backstage and many pipo tink say na just rumour.

But true-true, di band include am for dia list of request during any show performance to make sure say di venue read di document well-well.

Dem don officially recognize am as one of di greatest guitar man for history

For 2007, Van Halen bin enta di Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and for 2020, Guitar World put am as number four for dia annual poll of ‘100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time’.