Cameroon school resumption: Fear of ghost town, but few schools start for Anglophone regions

Fear of ghost town, but few schools start for Anglophone regions


All schools from primary to high school turn back for school dis October 5, for 2010/2021 academic years afta almost half a year for house, for seka Coronavirus, but for Anglophone regions de fear of separatists pass fear for Corona.

Universities go only start na for October 5 as education authorities tok.

For March 17, 2020 goment bin close border, schools and drinking spots as some measures for try for slow spread for Coronavirus as de first case enta kontri for March 6.

Schools pikin and teachers fear ghost town remain for house as Delphine and Mary tell BBC News pidgin say deh no fit dare go out as separatists fit kidnap or harm dem.

Since de start of crisis for 2016, separatists put by force kontri Sunday every Monday, weh all man get for remain for house and nothing di move.

Few public schools for Bamenda, Buea and Nkambe, for Donga and Tantung Division brave de fear go school today.

Students dey go school for Camaroon


Students for eight of de ten regions bi glad for go back, as deh bi don tire for stay for house for long. School put wata for wash hand and insist make pikin dem wear mask.

One of de parents, say e glad as all e pikin dem don go back to school as e good for learn but also say de noise bi don too much.

Head teacher, Irene Suifeh for Inclusive Goment Bilingual Practicing School, IGBPS for Nkambe, say deh get about 540 pikin dem weh deh go school, (263 boys and 277 girls) today, and parents di still kam for look for admission for dia pikin dem.

Students dey assembly ground.


“Make goment assist me with teachers as we get only 10 teachers for 540 pikin dem. Wit de turn out, we know say we get for work hard and we glad wit parents weh deh know say education an key for success”.

No anthem, no flag and change public schools for community

For de two regions, confusion also dey population say messages di circulate say make deh change name for public school to community schools, no sing national anthem, and no put green, red yellow cameroon flag.

One teacher di wanda weda separatists don build community school for tell pipo which school to go.

Some separatist leaders, no dey wan make pikin dem turn back for school afta almost four years for Anglophone regions, some activist di campaign make pikin dem go school.

As student resume for school, health measures dey ground for covid-19


Valentine Timeh, teachers trade union leader say e don reach level weh pipo wan do weti bi right and separatist no fit stop dem.

Adolphe Lele L’Afrique governor for Northwest region say deh di do dia best for secure de region especially wit Operation Bamenda Clean make rural and boarding schools start.