Trump say im don dey “feel good” inside video update to American pipo

America President Donald Trump say im don dey “feel better” and go “soon come back”.

President Trump tok dis one for inside di video im post for Twitter on Saturday evening, afta plenty tori fly upandan earlier in di day about im health, afta im test positive for Covid-19.

For di four minute video, oga Trump wey wear suit jacket wit no tie thank di doctors and nurses for di Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre close to Washington DC, where im dey receive treatment.

He say, “When I come here, I no too dey feel well, but I dey feel much better now,” Di doctors dey work hard too make me feel better, he add “say im go come back soon to make America great again, to start di campaign.”

He say di drugs im dey take na miracles as im dey feel very better. Oga Trump say di “real test” go come in few days.

Di number of pipo wey dey work wit di presido wey don dey infected wit di virus dey increase since di president confam im positive status.

Nick Luna, on di left, work closely with Donald Trump

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Among those wey test positive na:

  • First Lady Melania Trump
  • Campaign adviser and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
  • Close aide Hope Hicks (believed to be di first to show symptoms)
  • Campaign manager Bill Stephen
  • Former White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway
  • Republican Senator Mike Lee
  • Republican Senator Thom Thillis
  • Ronna McDaniel, Republic National Committee chairwoman

Meanwhile, in di past 48 hours, supporters and well-wishers of President Donald Trump for across di kontri to wish di president a speedy recovery.

Some of im supporters carry placards and flowers outside di military hospital where di president dey receive treat to send dia best wishes. Some hold vigil to pra for im fast recovery.

Trump supporters gather in vigils

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Oga Trump say di First Lady Melania Trump too dey feel better.

President Trump dey spend im second night for hospital afta dem diagnose am wit Covid-19.