Trump positive for Covid 19: Donald Trump and Melania Trump coronavirus status and how world pipo dey react

America President Donald Trump and Melanie Trump


Plenty reactions don follow afta America President Donald Trump announce say im and di First Lady Melanie Trump don test positive for Coronavirus.

Over 200,000 reactions na im di announcement don gada for Oga Trump verified Twitter handle less than three hours afta di presido tweet about im status.

74 years old President Trump tweet say “I and my wife test positive for Covid- 19. We go begin quarantine and recovery process immediately. We go waka through dis together”.

Na mixed reaction greet dis informate as some pipo wish di President quick recovery and pray for him and im family.

Others tok say na wetin good for am be that as im no like to dey wear mask, obey Covid- 19 protocols and dem even accuse am say im cause di death of many pipo wit di way e handle di virus.

President Trump don chop accuse several times say im no take di virus serious for di early stage

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Following di announcement, International leaders don begin dey send speedy recovery messages to di President.

Di UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson tweet say im wish di presido and im wife quick recovery.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wey receive Oga Trump for official visit earlier dis year, wish di first couple “a quick recovery and good health”.

EU chief Charles Michel, spokesman for the French government also wish di couple fast recovery.

But di President Democratic challenger for November election, Joe Biden, neva react to di news yet. He dey for stage with di president during Tuesday night presidential debate.

President Donald Trupm and Joe Biden for di US Presidential debate


For Nigeria #TrumpHasCovid na im dey one of di top trends as Nigerians shook mouth for di mata.

Donald Trump wear mask