Cameroon “schools resumption date” afta Covid-19 and de rules weh schools get for respect

Back to school for Cameroon


For Cameroon nursery, primary secondary and high schools go di jump back wit joy for school for Monday 5. Universities go follow for October 15.

School pikin dem di turn back afta eight months weh goment bi decide for lock schools, borders, take oda actions for slow de spread of Coronavirus for march 17.

But e good for note say students for exams classes bin go back for school for July, learn write certificate exams, first school leaving certificate exams and general certificate of education exams for secondary and high schools.

Schools for Cameroon get for respect all barrier measures, disinfect schools and class rooms, wash hands wit soap, wear masks and keep social distance.

Weti bi de rules for learn wit Corona for corner?

Primary schools

According to Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, minister of basic education nursery and primary schools classes one -three no go wear mask. De reason na say deh still small for take care for dia masks but de teachers get for wear.

Goment di encourage distance learning, though e nova bi clear how e go work, di focus for work books for homework especially for rural areas.

School go get for reorganise dia timetables and goment intend for put oda measures for short and long term.

Secondary schools

Minister for secondary education, Pauline Nalova Lyonga don stress make school no put more dan 50,000 pikin dem for one class.

Schools wit classes weh deh get more dan 50 pikin dem go get two shifts, some for morning and odas for afternoon.

But e nova bi clear how dis go fit work for private school weh deh no get de means.

Goment di bring new way for learn from far, ‘Distance Learning’ for secondary schools.


Jacques Fame Ndongo for minister of higher education say washing hand points dey for plenti places for campus, priority for research for get solution for coronavirus pandemic

For dis 2010/2021 school year, de only new tin na say goment di invest on na for put centres for distance learning get material, partner wit national TV for teach school pikin dem from distance.

Manaouda Malachie, Health Minister, say Covid-19 nova finish as Cameroon still get 740 active cases wit 30 for ICU as of September 30 from total of 20,924 confirmed cases.