Short history of “Zazzau emirate” Kaduna ancient kingdom since 1800s and how di King alias Emir go enta throne

Nigerians especially pipo from Zazzau (emirate) Kingdom dey await di announcement of di King alias Emir wey go succeed di late Alhaji Shehu Idris, di former Emir of Zazzau wey die at di age of 84.

Since di ruler of Zazzau Kingdom KingShehu Idris die on Sunday, Nigerians don dey wonder who go replace am. But wetin di ogbonge history of di kingdom tell us about king selection?

For now di power to appoint new Emire for Zazzau emirate fall ontop di current govnor of Kaduna, Malam Nasir El-Rufai.

According to di Zazzau dynasty, na only four royal families dey produce Emirs: di Mallawa House, di Barebari House, di Katsinawa House and di Sullubawa House.

One Thursday, 24 September, El-Rufia say im dey ‘read book wey one onyibo write ontop election of new King for Zazzau ‘

Zazzau emirate

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Former king Alhaji Shehu Idris spend 45 years on di throne and die at di age of 84

How Zazzau go get im new king

Traditionally di council of officials for di emirates go shortlist who fit be dia king – wey need to dey according to some important rules like:

  • E never commit crime wey authorities fit use arrest or punish am
  • Im don hold royal position or be govnor for Zazzau before
  • Sabi religion well-well
  • Make e no dey too old
  • Must come from one of di four palace

Di royal council go come approve three names, come send am to di govnor wey go come announce di new king.

“Before European colonialism, na di Sultan of Sokoto dey choose di king for Zazzau. Colonialism mean say di election of di King bin go to di Govnor of di Northern Province and later to di Govnor of Kaduna State.” according to one sabi scholar Shu’aibu Shehu Aliyu.

Zazzau emirate

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History of Zazzau

Di Kingdom of Zazzau na one of di most important kingdoms for Hausa land and West Africa.

History show say di place na ancient kingdom wey don dey even before Islam religion come. And di city wey di kingdom dey na Zaria, wia Queen Amina for history bin come from.

Zazzau palace dey divided into four parts, because Zazzau na kingdom wey pipo from different backgrounds don come to in order to learn Islamic knowledge.

During dat time, di criteria for why dem dey select new king na based on who go move Islam forward pass for Zazzau.

Zazzau na di center of dat region, even before di jihad of Shehu Usman Danfodiyo, because di original name ‘Zo-zo’, mean fertile land, wey get everitin farming, and different-different business. Everyine wan live for Zazzau, to benefit from farming and herding.

Kings wey don rule Zazzau emirate

Wen Shehu Usmanu Dafodiyo bin battle jihad war from 1804, Zazzau bin dey base for di present-day Kogi State.

During treign of Sarkin Zazzau, Malam Abdul Karim, di kingdom of Zazzau extend as far as wetin pipo sabi today as Nasarawa, and as far as di banks of the Benue River.

To di north, e borders seven oda Hausa states, such as Katsina to di north, Kano to di northeast, and Bauchi to Plateau to di northwest.

Na from Zazzau wey di kings of Zazzau Emirate dey chop appointment.

Di first Sultan of Zazzau under di Ottoman Empire na Malam Musa, wey dem give di flag to move Islam forward inside di land of Zazzau by Shehu Usumanu Danfodiyo, and di last bin be Sultan of Zazzau Makau wey di colonialists abolish.

List of Zazzau Fulani rulers:

Malam Musa from 1804 to 1821

Mr. Yamusa from 1821 to 1834

Malaam AbdulKarimu from 1834 to 1846

Mr. Hammada from 1846 to 1853

Mamman Sani from 1846 -1853

Sidi AbdulKadir from 1853-1853

Mr. AbdusSalami from 1853 to 1854

Mallam AbdulLahi (first appointment) from 1857 to 1871 and (second appointment)

from 1874 to 1879

Mallam Abubakar from 1879 to 1888

Muhammadu Sambo from 1888 to 1890

Muhammadu Yero from 1890 to 1897

King Malam Kwasau from 1897 to 1902 (Na him be di last last king before di arrival of Europeans)

Di period of European colonialism

Alu Dan Sidi (King of Zazzau, first wey di Europeans colonized) from 1903 to 1920

King Dalhatu from 1920 to 1924

King Ibrahim Son of the King of Zazzau Kwasau from 1924 to 19337

King Jafaru from 1937 to 1959

Alhaji Muhammadu Aminu from 1959 to 1975

Alhaji Shehu Idris (di last) from 1975 to Sunday 20 September, 2020