Self Certification form: Nigeria FIRS Tax ID, Bank BVN & how “Self Certification form” policy dey different

Nigeria tax office, di Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) don explain how di “Self-Certification Form” wey dey cause controversy dey different from oda financial identification policy inside di West African kontri .

Apart from di Self Certification form, oda existing identification policy na Bank Verification Number, Tax Identification Number, National Identification Number and oda forms of identity management wey Nigeria bin don introduce in di last five years.

Di FIRS on top dia twitter page explain give say di Self Certification form na for pipo wey de live for Naija but di pay tax for more than one kontri and also those wey get account wey dem di call ‘reportable persons”.

As e be now, Nigerians get plenti data collection platforms like di Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), National Identification Numbers (NIN), passport, driver’s license, SIM card registration and voters’ card.

Many Nigerians believe say all di information wey dem gatz give or wey dey required to fill di self-certification form don already don full ground brekete inside all di national identification document wey dem already get.

See how BVN, National ID different from Self Certification form

1. No be for all bank account holders

2. Na for entities (pesin or corporate organizations) wey get presence for more than one kontri for example Nigerians in diaspora, and foreigners in Nigeria.

3. Di policy na concerning one international agreement wey Nigeria don bin sign wey allow di exchange of Tax information between kontries alaist information exchange

4. Dis international agreement go help to stop tax evasion wey citizens of member kotries bin dey do

5. E go also apply to Nigerians wey get foreign businesses and foreigners wey get Nigerian businesses (once you get 10% shares of any such business).

6. Pipo wey get double alias dual citizenship also dey affected by dis policy.

7. If you fall under di bracket of di policy, You no need to physically go inside any bank to make di registration, just download di forms online (na 3 pages), fill am, and send am to your bank through email.

If you no fall under dis categories you no dey affected.

Any kontri pipo wey no get any of dis identification document no go fit open account for di kontri.

Make we take a look at some of di National identification document wey shele for kontri and dia function.

Self Certification form



Di Bank Verification Number AKA BVN na biometric identification system wey Central Bank of Nigeria launch to reduce illegal banking transactions for Nigeria.

Na ogbonge modern security measure wey dey in line wit Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to reduce fraud in the banking system.

Di system dey work wit di recording of fingerprints and facial photograph of di client.

Di BVN na 11 digit number and e dey act as your universal ID for all commercial banks in Nigeria. Dis na to ensure say all your bank transaction no get k-leg

And di BVN dey do di following work: e dey ensure say your account dey protected from unauthorised access

E dey allow you track all your transaction for any bank and e dey fast track you transaction too.

National Identity card/NIN

A national identity card dey come wit photo and you dey use am as an identity card at least for inside the kontri and na di National Identity Management dey issue am.

And di National Identification Number (NIN) na 11 random numbers wey dem dey give give pesin afta dem complete dia enrolment inside National Identity Database (NIDB).

Once pesin don get im own NIN, dem no go fit assign am to anoda pesin again and dat one mean say everybody get im own unique number wey e no go fit share wit anyone.

Na di number dem go use identify you for life-dem dey use am to wit your biometric data and other details for inside National Identity Database during verification and authentication.

You fit use your national identification number to:

• Get your National e-ID card

• travel (international passport application & acquisition)

• open personal bank accounts

• get your driver’s license

• get your Permanent Voters’ Card

• payment of your taxes-e.t.c

"Self Certification form Nigeria"

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But before dis clarification, Nigerians don dey criticise goment sake of say dem no fit put togeda all di data wey dem don collect from pipo from di past.

Driver’s License

Driver’s license na official document wey di permit pesin to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus for public public road.

You fit get your driver licence afta you don pass your driving test from Federal Road Safety Corps,

Den, dem go capture your biometrics into dia data base for security reasons.

Other security agencies for di kontri dey also go FRSC to go chook eye for di data during any security gbege.

Even though FIRS don clear di air say dis form dey different and no be for everibodi, some Nigerians still dey reason am say dis na plan by goment to take control of dia account and multiply how much dem di pay for tax.

International Passport

International passport na small booklet wey contain di name of di holder, im place of birth, date of birth, the date of issue, date of expiry,

E also contain di passport number, photo and signature. Dem get different types of passports depending on the status of di passport holder for dia home kontri.

Nigerian passports dem dey issue am to all Nigerian citizen wey di travel outside di kontri.

Nigeria now dey offer only electronic passports for new passport applications.

Dis electronic passports aka e-passport, pesin gatz do biometrics and dem go capture all your data.

And you fit use your passport to do some business transaction as e also serve as means for identification.