“Kainji Dam” burst? Nigeria hydroelectricity power station managers clear rumours

Kainji Dam burst?

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Kainij Dam na one of di biggest hydroelectricity power station in Nigeria

Fears of electricity generation collapse begin fly upandan afta one tori of ‘kainji dam burst’ breakout, but Nigeria authorities do clear di mata about di present condition of di kontri hydroelectricity power station.

Di Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) don tell Nigerians make dem fashi tori wey dey spread for town say explosion happen for Kainji Dam, say na fake news.

NIHSA Director-General, Clement Nze tok for statement say di dam dey safe and no explosion at all happen for di dam.

Di dam dey for New Bussa town, Borgu Local Goment Area of Niger State for north central Nigeria.

According to Nze, di Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency dey work togeda wit di pipo wey dey operate dams for di kontri and dem neva report anytin like dat.

“Notin happen for di dam, notin like dat, altho di dam dey full because of wetin dey happen for di Niger Republic and too much water, no threat at all.

“Di general public, especially di print and electronic media, suppose fashi di online fake tori wey dey claim say explosion happen for Kainji Dam.”

Sun dey set over power line

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Nigeria still dey generate around 4000 mega watts of electricity across di kontri and mat least 700 mega watts dey come from Kainji Dam

Mainstream Energy Solutions wey be di pipo wey dey operate Kainji Dam also put out statement to clear di mata.

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