Daddy Freeze and Oyedepo: See how pipo dey react to Daddy Freeze apology to Bishop Oyedepo

Different kain reactions na im dey follow Daddy Freeze, apology to ogbonge Nigerian Pentecostal pastor Bishop David Oyedepo.

For video wey Daddy Freeze bin do three years ago, im say “anybody wey tell you say Jesus bin no poor, say Jesus bin dey rich na bastard! and im don use in left hand to point to im papa house, so im na legal bastard. Your pastor dey di same financial position as your house girl. “Wetin im dey tok about?” make I tok as im dey tok. I dey tok about di di bald headed fowl.”

For di video im bin imitate how di Bishop dey take tok wen im say, “wetin im dey tok about? Wen dis church dey make only three hundred naira dem dey dia?”

Di Nigeria radio presenter wey im real name na Ifedayo Olorinde apology don make social media catch fire afta im tell di Bishop sorry for di “insult” wey im sama give am some time back.

Inside di different comments wey pipo post for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, some support am, oda accuse am of deceiving pipo, odas say dem forgive am.

Supporters of Daddy Freeze position about some men of God and di kain tins wey dem dey teach.

Hailers wey believe say im do di right tin by apologising even though im no commit any offence.

Oda group of pipo follow tok about how im marriage no work plus how dem feel say im dey “deceive pipo” wit im tok.