Nigerian schools resumption date inside states wey dey go ahead wit 2020 reopening of schools despite Nigeria Covid 19 warning

Nigerian schools resumption date


A number of state goments dey go ahead wit reopening of schools for Nigeria dis September even though federal authorities don advice for caution.

Nigeria Health minister say COVID-19 still get power to take life and very dangerous while Academic Staff Union of Universities (Asuu) don warn Nigerian goment make dem neva reopen higher institutions now.

However a number of state goments don announce full reopening of schools to begin 2020/2021 new academic calender for both universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools.


Exit schools on since August 4

Primary and secondary schools reopens September 21st

Tertiary institutions reopens September 14 2020.


Exit classes on since August 4th

Primary and secondary schools – September 21 to October 30 2020 for third term.

New session first term November 9th to January 22, 2021 with short break in December 2021.

Second term February 1 to April 9th 2021.

Third term April 26 to July 23, 2021

Tertiary institutions 21 September 2020.


Exit classes on since August 4th.

Third term canceled by the goment. Promotion assessment go dey based on first and second term performance.

Fresh session go start September 21 to July 30, 2021.

First term – September 21 to December 18 2020.

Second term January 11 to April 9 2021.

Third term May 3 to July 30 2021.

Tertiary institutions to resume September 21, 2020.


Exit classes only since August 4.

Condition – to take final exams


Exit classes on since August 4th.


Only exit classes on since August 4th.


Frome di State Ministry of Education, Primary 6: go resume on 7 September, 2020

JSS3 don resume to prepare for Basic Education Certificate Examination

SS3 don resume dey write WAEC exams


From di State Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Primary 6: No date yet

JSS3 go resume 8 Septemver, 2020

SS3 already don resume dey write WAEC

Minsirty of Higher Education say Universities and ofa Higher education fit resume 21 September, 2020


Fom di state Ministry of Education, Primary 6: No date yet for resumption

JSS3: don resume school to prepare for Basic Education Certificate Examination

SS3: Don resume dey write WAEC

Meanwhile online classes dey go on since do Covid-19 lockdown begin for all classes for Radio and Television stations

Exit classes have been in school since August.

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary institution to resume on the 14th of September 2020.


Even di Kogi state goment for north-central Nigeria on Tuesday, announce di reopening of schools at all levels on 14 September, 2020, including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions inside di state, according to Wemi Jones di state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology.


Only exit classes don resume school. Goment neva comot plan and date for total reopening of schools.


Exit classes don start school since August

Goment plan to reopen school neva dey clear.


Only exit classes on since August 4th.


Exit classes except primary six don resume since August

But no date yet for full resumption of school until federal goment give go ahead.