Attah Igala Ameh Oboni: Igala Kingdom in Kogi don announce death of Michael Ameh Oboni II – See im biography & palace journey here

Igala Kingdom in Kogi don announce di death of Michael Ameh Oboni II, di Attah of Igala (King of Igala.

Igala na one of di main tribes for north central Nigeria. BBC Pidgin find out say HRH, Michael Ameh Oboni II bin die for hospital for Abuja on Thursday.

But e neva dey clear di kain sickness di King bin dey suffer from before im death.

Former Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State govnor on electronic media, Gbenga Olorunpomi also confam di tori for im twitter page and some local media tori don report say Attah of Igala, Michael Ameh Oboni II, don die.

Biography of HRH Michael Ameh Oboni II of Igala Kingdom

Michael Ameh Oboni II don serve as di (King of Igala Kingdom) Attah of Igala for 7 years.

Dem born Prince Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni for 1948.

He join di Nigeria Airforce for 1968 and im comot from service for 1974 on im request.

Prince Idakwo bin work briefly for di Ministry of Lands for di old Kwara state north central Nigeria as land inspection officer from 1974 to 1975.

Im later resign for 1975 and to go school for Kaduna Polytechnic for 1976 to study Estate Management and graduate for 1980.

For 1981, he take up appointment wit di Federal Capital Development Authority – FCDA and retire for 2006 as a deputy director.

Michael Ameh Oboni II na di only Attah for history wey go get just one wife.

Im be di number 27 pesin to become di Attah of Igala.

Di fmr govnor of Kogi state, Idris Wada, approve im appointment as di new Attah Igala for 2013.

How di Attah position take be ogbonge for Igala kingdom?

Di Attah, in di first place, na ‘Priest King’. Di Attah of Igala get two roles Im be first and foremost, a priest and also im be di king of Igala kingdom.

Im get di land from di extreme south of di kingdom to di extreme north of di kingdom; di same thing from di bank of di River Niger to di eastern boundary towards dieast.

Apart from that, di Attah get power ova di chiefs and di land resources wey dey di kingdom. Attah na like any oda king, wey get tins wey dem go fit do and wetin dem no fit do.

E get so many tins wey di Attah of Igala no fit do

Di Attah no dey eat or dance for public.

He no suppose shake hands wit any woman.

Di Attah no suppose hold any baby wey neva reach three months.

Di Attah no dey enta a canoe. He no dey use eye see dead body and im job mainly na to protect di culture of di Igala Kingdom.

Wetin go happun next afta im death?

Igala Kingdom get four ruling houses – Ocholi dynasty, Aju Akwu dynasty, Aju Amacho and Aju Akogwu but all of dem get Ayegba root.

Di ruling houses dey take turns to rule di kingdom.

For one old interview wit tori pipo for Punch, Attah Igala Ameh Oboni reveal how dem go select di next pesin afta im comot from throne.

He say: Even di woman wey dey fry akara for road sabi di family wey go produce di next Attah.

“After di ruling family don select di Attah, wey go be next in line, di pesin go meet wit one chief wey dem dey call Etemayi

Di Etemayi go meet wit Achadu (di next person to di Attah) and tell am say dem don find successor.

Dem go check am well if e dey physically fit and e no get any deformity, dem go also check if im dey stammer.

Pesin wey dey stammer no go fit be di Attah. And e get average height wey im must reach

Achadu fit disqualify di candidate and tell di family to produce anoda candidate. Because according to culture, na di Attah be di wife of di Achadu so he must get good qualities and everything must complete for im body.

Afta dat, di Attah-elect go waka 16miles journey wit leg to Ugwolawo, wia im go stay for di night before di coronation go start.

Wen di coronation ceremony start properly for Idah, dem go go burial ground and carry nine Ifa priests for night, and all di priests go stay and perform some rituals to see how di Attah reign go be.

If finally dem agree say im go bring peace to di kingdom dem go crown di Attah, di next morning.