BBNaija: Prince, Wathoni, Erica, Big Brother Naija housemates reveal tins about demsefs for dia tribute night

Big Brother Naija season 5 housemates reveal more tins about demsef on Thursday on dia tribute night dem dedicate to dia heroes.

Na night of plenti tears and emotions as di housemates take turns to tok about di heroes for dia lives and some of di tins dem reveal don dey generate reactions.


Prince hero na im papa wey im reveal say na King for dia village for Abia state, south east of di kontri

Im appreciate im late father for everytime e correct am. Prince add say e learn from im papa say “good name better pass riches”.


Laycon papa na im own hero too, e reveal say im papa na police officer wey bin dey very selfless.


Dorathy own hero na her Uncle.

She reveal how her uncle stand by her mum herself and siblings wen she lose her papa, take care of her and her siblings. She appreciate her uncle for proving say sometimes pipo wey you no reason na im fit be your saviour wen you need am di most.


Ozo hero na im papa wey im say bring am up well with di right values.

Im say im papa dey humble, patient and kind and If he fit be 70% of di pesin im papa be for life, e go see am as big achievement.


Tolanibaj hero na her sisters. Tbaj say for very long time, she bin no get clarity as to wetin she bin wan do for life. She say she appreciate all dia support di time she dey try figure tins out and even wen she bin wan move back to Nigeria.


Unlike most of di oda house mates, Kiddwaya tori no be sad one per se.

Kiddwaya wey come from Gboko for Benue state hero na im papa wey e say set di ground for im to live well. Im papa bin get polio wen im young but e no let dat one affect am as e live home at a very young age of 17 to go hustle

Im tok about how e papa na pesin wey don help lift pipo up for Nigeria including governors.

Kidd say e never really lack and e dey grateful for dat.


Erica hero na her mom, her mama na single mom wey sacrifice to give her di best.

She say she and her mama no too close like dat and na recently she find her papa.

Erica say her mama try so much for her and she just wan hama so she go fit carry her mama go cruise and treat her well.


Lucy get two heroes, her birth mom and oda mom wey dey dia for her wen she lost her mom.

She appreciate dem for di way dem bring her up and wetin dem contribute to make her di woman she be.


Trikytee hero na im mama.

Trikytee wey burst into tears several times as e dey pay tribute to im mama say she sacrifice so much for am and she always dey for am.


Brighto start im tribute with Dolly Parton popular song, ‘Coat of many colours’.

E say dat na di best way to describe wetin im hero, im mama mean to am.

Im say e mama don always dey dia for am and e no fit to imagine life without her.


Wathoni son na her hero, and she reveal di shocking way she take get im belle.

She yan say she conceive her son as virgin as she no ever have sex with her son papa, as e no penetrate her but im sperm somehow enta while dem dey play love and na so she get im belle.

She say her life with her son centre around music a lot and both of dem dey yan well-well.


Neo hero na im papa wey get over 20 children but e dey do so much to cater for all of dem. Im wonder wia im papa dey get im strength from to run tins smoothly among the family even though e don dey battle diabetes for long time now.


Nengi hero na her mama Flora.

She say she be only pikin and her late mama sacrifice so much for her, hustle to give her di best even though she no go school, she make sure say Nengi go school and get all di support she want.

Nengi say di relationship she bin get with her mama na dat of friends and hope to raise her family same way some day.


Vee hero na her mama whom she say don always dey by her side.

Vee say she no dey like to tink of anything bad happening to her mama because she no know wetin she go do without her.