Buhari call for end to estimated billing, call for mass metering – See how e go affect you

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don call for di end of estimated billing of electricity consumers across di kontri.

Di president for statement ontop twitter also direct di nationwide mass metering for pipo across di nation.

President Buhari also approve one-year waiver of Import Levy ontop electricity meters, so dat Nigerians wey no get meters go fit get supply as early as possible at cost wey make sense.

According to di president, di Federal Government dey work to ensure say DisCos dey committed to increase di number of hours of electricity supply per day, and quality of service. Buhari add say mass metering program dey go on for di kontri.

Wetin dis one mean for Nigerians?

Di Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) don give more details about di service base tariff wey suppose reduce di wahala of estimated billing wey Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don end.

Service base tariff na di billing system wey dem put for pipo wey no get meter and dey use estimated billing so day dem go only pay for electricity wey dem use. Dis na to also cool pipo mind say dem no dey plan to increase in electricity tariff.

NERC now don release fact sheet to educate Nigerian on wetin service base tariff go mean afta di new directive of di president.

Di commission say afta di order start, customers go get cap for dia estimated bill so dat one go ginger di metering by Distribution Companies (DisCos). Dem add say di customers go also get platforms wia dem go fit report service failure.

Dem also tok say di tarrif review go ensure say prices wey Discos dey charge dey fair on di customers but also dey enough for di operation to dey profitable.

“Tariff go also dey di same with quality of service wey dem go measure by numbers of hours and quality of service to clusters of electricity customers. E go also provide way to move from di Nigerian Electricity Supply industry to service-base cost-reflective tariffs by 2021.”

Taiwo Adebulu wey don report on electricity for many years say di new policy na to protect di poor pipo and make di rich pay more for light but e express worry say Discos fit start to dey give light to only pipo wey go fit pay for am.

“Na business decision wey di DisCos need to make as private entities. Before now, most of di areas wey rich pipo dey live dey enjoy wetin dem dey call Willing Buyer, Willing Seller policy wey guarantee almost 24-hour electricity for pipo wey go fit pay more for di light” Adebulu tell BBC Pidgin.

He also say di fear be say regulation no dey on ground to enforce DisCos to obey dis new law.

Sun dey set over power line

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Wen DisCos go fit increase price?

According to NERC, Discos go only fit increase price for pipo wey no get meter under dis conditions;

  • Dem must consult customers and tell dem hours dem go dey get light for.
  • Dem must give dem meter
  • Pipo wey no get meter must not get cost increase wey pass wetin dem dey charge pipo wey get meter for di same area.

How I go fit get pre-paid meter?If customer want meter, make he or she apply to di Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo), and di company go den ensure say di meter dey provided free of charge (apart from di necessary costs associated with installation).