El-Rufai: Why NBA withdraw conference invite dem send di Kaduna state govnor

Di Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) don with draw dia invitation to Nasir el-Rufai, govrnor of Kaduna state, northern Nigeria, to speak for dia annual general meeting.

Dis dey come afta some lawyers protest say dem no want make di govnor speak for dia meeting sake of say im no represent wetin dem stand for.

Why dem un-invite El-Rufai?

At di time wey BBC Pidgin do dis tori, di petition wey one Usani Odum start to ask NBA make dem comot El-Rufai as speaker don already gather 3,122 signatures out of 5000 wey dem bin dey find. Di lawyers say di govnor no represent wetin di association stand for.

Some Nigerians bin don accuse di state govnor say im no sure pity for di big big killings wey dey happun for southern Kaduna, sometin many pipo don say e be like genocide.

But di goment of di state don say dem no go dey join issues with pipo wey wan turn di crisis for di state to political matter.

Dis na wetin Samuel Aruwan, di Commissioner-Internal Security and Home Affairs for Kaduna, tell BBC Pidgin for interview on Wednesday.

“You need comot politics from security issues because human lives dey involved. We no go join issues with dos wey wan politicize di security issues” Aruwan say.

Wetin dey happun for Southern Kaduna?

Di kasala for southern Kaduna get different angles but di true tori bi say jaguda bin dey kill di community pipo.

Kaduna state dey divided between Muslim Hausa-Fulani pipo wey dey majority for di northern kaduna part of di state and di southern kaduna part wey get more Christian pipo with different small-small tribes.

According to local tori, di state governor don say di fight wey dey happun for di region be “cycle of attacks, revenge and reprisals.”.

Senior tok-tok pesin to President Muhammadu Buhari say di kasala na plenty tins like evil “politically-motivated banditry, revenge killings and mutual violence by criminal gangs acting on ethnic and religious grounds” dey cause am.

But report from Human Right Watch say di many times wey di fight begin the police no dey dey dia and dem no dey take any step to stop am. Dem add say e dey rare for di pipo wey dey cause di attack to answer for dia crime.

For 2020, di attack continue as fresh attack happun on 20 July for Kukum Daji Village of Kaura local governmnet, atleast 19 pipo die and 31 pipo wunjure

Di President of di community, Yashen Sunday Titus tell confam give tori pipo for Daily Post say di incident happun wen wen dem attack di victims for one wedding party.

Anoda attack happun on July 24 wey make di govnor extend curfew for some part of di area.

Wetin di goment dey do?

Di Commissioner-Internal Security and Home Affairs for Kaduna say dem dey manage di crisis wey dey di state and dey dey work with Federal Goment and Security agencies.

“We don dey get army deployment for we side and dem dey work. We don get more soldiers. Since July wey di attack come back, we don dey work to stop am. We get two squadrons of mobile police, we get troops from defence headquarters, we get Special Forces. We dey work very hard,” Aruwan tell BBC Pidgin.