Blasphemy in Kano: Sharia laws wit capital punishment besides Aminu Yahaya Sharif death sentence in Nigeria wey you fit no know

Nigerians for social media don dey hala since the case of Aminu Yahaya Sharif, di singer for northern Nigeria wey court give death sentence sake of blasphemy.

Upper Sharia Court for Kano sentence Sharif and give im 30 days to appeal di ruling but Nigerians don dey divided on di ruling with some saying e no too make sense while other dey give kudus to di court.

Idris Ibrahim wey lead protest to Hisbah (Islamic police) say di judgement “go serve as warning to oda pipo wey go wan copy Yahaya”. Dis no be first time wey accuse of blasphemy don cause kasala.

Dis na some sharia laws and dia capital punishment wey you fit no know.


For Islam, Blasphemy na wen pesin disrespect or abuse important personalities for Islamic religion or any law wey dey inside islam.

Di worst na wen pesin tok bad or bad mouth tins about dia God or Prophet Muhammad – dat one na death penalty.

While odas like abusing or disrespecting top disciplines or islamic laws get various punishment.

According to experts di blasphemy laws dey type by type and no be all dey lead to death penalty.

According to Yusuf Sani wey be sabi pesin for Sharia law e tok say pesin wey disrespect or abuse disciplines of di prophet no go get same punishment as pesin wey abuse di prophet himself.

“So wetin pipo suppose know about dis blasphemy laws be say na step by step. After Allah next for Muslims na Prophet Muhammad SAW and anybodi wey disrespect those ones fit get death sentence.”

“Even regarding followers alias disciples of di prophet dem get levels.

For example Abubakar, Umar, Othman and Aliyu na top so pesin wey abuse or disrespect dem go also get punishment, although e no go reach di first case own.”

Sex outside marriage

For dis law, Mallam Dauda Ayuba wey be imam tok say for case wey involve sex outside marriage three pipo gatz take eye see di kerewa happun alias witness di deed wit dia koro koro eyes and three of dem must agree in front of a judge before sentencing go happun.

And di punishment na 80 strokes for pipo wey neva marry before or stoning to death for married pipo or those wey don marry before.

“Di three witnesses must catch di fornicators ie di pipo wey entangle inside di kerew in action without any doubt, if one of dem dey doubt then di case no go work. So if three of dem must agree for di case to move forward.”

“So for unmarried pipo wey commit fornication di punishment na 80 strokes of di cane while married pipo or those wey don marry before di punishment na stoning to death.”

Blasphemy in Kaano

An example of hangman’s noose

Drinking alcohol

For dis alcohol mata, one of di most popular sheiks for Nigeria Dr Abdullahi Usman Gadon Kaya tell BBC say di punishment na 40 strokes of di cane afta dem catch di alcohol drinker or e confess himself.

“So for dis case na either dem catch di Muslim red handed dey take alcohol or e bring himself to confess di act. Wetin go happun be say e go chop 40 strokes of di cane wey hopefully go serve as deterrent to am and odas.”

Stealing (Tiff-Tiff):

No be all types of stealing dey lead to cutting off pesin hands, according to Dr Abdullahi.

Wetin pesin steal must reach ‘Rubu’i dinar’ dat is money wey reach lowest Islamic payment for dowry.

“If pesin steal below Rubu’i dinar dem no go cut im hand.

But if e steal wetin reach dat one, dat is money wey reach to pay aa dowry, currently for Nigerian currency i think na N20,000k di punishment na cutting of hand.”

Anoda thing be say na di right hand dem go cut off afta dem find di pesin guilty alias conviction and if offender steal again di left hand.

5 times wey accuse of blasphemy don cause gbas gbos for northern Nigeria

In October 2007, sharia court for Kano sentence one Sani Kabil to three years for person sake of accuse of blasphemy but appeal court later free di man for 2009 after two years for prison.

According to report by U.S Department of State, some jaguda for Tudun Wada in Kano state kill nine pipo and burn churches after dem say some student disrespect prophet Muhammad.

For 2002 wen Nigeria suppose hold Miss World modelling, muslim for north begin dey riot after one local newspaper bin report say prophet Muhammad go like take wife inside di models if im dey alive. Di report vex dem and dem burn di local tori office for Kaduna. Nigeria later carry di pageant go London after di fight.

In 2009, local newspaper Daily Trust report say Youth for Sara town of Gwaram Local Government Area of Jigawa State, burn police post and wunjure about 12 persons sake of one non-muslims say something wey dey blasphemy to prophet Mohammad.

Muslim mob also beat one Christiana Oluwatoyin Oluwasesin till she die. Dem bin accuse her say she touch bag wey Quran dey inside. Oluwasesin be Christian and teacher for Gandu in the city of Gombe.

How Sharia dey work for Nigeria

Na 12 northern states for Nigeria dey use Sharia law and na only muslims dem fit try for Sharia courts.

Sharia system get im own court of Appeal and dey handle both criminal and civil matters involving Muslims and Muslims fit challenge di judgement of Sharia courts for normal Nigerian Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Sharia judges wey dem dey call Alkalis get Islamic and western education.

Any case wey involve Muslim and non Muslim, di Muslim get right to choose which court e wan make dem try di case. Sharia court fit only try non Muslim if e give written consent.

Some of di sentences wey Sharia courts fit give include floggings, amputation and death penalty depending on di crime.