Yahaya Shariff Aminu: Kano Sharia court sentence Nigeria musician to death for blasphemy of Prophet Mohammed

Court for Kano don sentence singer to death

Upper Sharia court for Kano northwest Nigeria don sentence singer Yahaya Aminu Shariff to death by hanging.

Di sharia court find am guilty for saying wetin no good about Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Di singer wey dey in detention since March and Whatsapp users bin dey circulate di audio of Yahaya Aminu Shariff afta which some Muslims wey feel offended go burn di family house of Yahaya.

Judge Khadi Aliyu wey give di judgement say di singer fit appeal di judgement.

Most of di states for northern Nigeria dey use Sharia law wey no dey apply to pesin wey no be Muslim.

Critics said the song was blasphemous as it praised an imam from the Tijaniya Muslim brotherhood to the extent it elevated him above the Prophet Muhammad.

‘Judgement go serve as lesson to odas’

Baba Jibo Ibrahim na tok tok pesin for Kano courts and e tell BBC say nobody go hang Yahaya immediately as e get right to go Appeal Court.

“Today (Monday) judgement no mean say executioners go just go hang di convict, no, e get right to go appeal court on di mata.”

Idris Ibrahim na im lead protest to Hisbah (Islamic police) to make sure say dem arrest Yahaya afta im audio go viral for di state and e tell BBC say di judgement show say dia protest no go in vain.

“I dey happy wit dis judgement because e show say our protest get meaning and di judgement go serve as warning to oda pipo wey go wan copy Yahaya.”

Who be Yahaya Sharif-Aminu?

Few pipo bin don hear of him before im arrest in March.

Yahaya Aminu Shariff na Islamic gospel musician, but dem no too sabi am wella for northern Nigeria and im songs no dey popular outside im Tjjaniya sect, wey don get many such musicians like am.

Yahaya Shariff Aminu Kano

An example of hangman’s noose

How common death sentences dey for Sharia courts?

Last time wey sharia court pass death sentence for Kano na 2016 wen Abdulazeez Inyass get di sentence after dem accuse am of saying bad tins about islam.

Mr Inyass still dey detention as sentences like dis need govnor to sign before dem carry am out.