Picture of naked man wey dey pursue boar wey snatch im laptop bag go viral

No be small drama happun around one lake area for Berlin, Germany as one man wey be nudist begin pursue wild boar wey snatch im plastic bag – wey im laptop dey inside.

Di naked man bin carry waka go di lake area to relax and stay close nature wen all of sudden one female wild boar with two babies come out of di forest to search for food.

Di pesin wey snap di foto of di chase, Adele Landauer wey be actor and life coach tok say;

“Afta di boars eat pizza from one backpack of anoda man wey dey swim inside di lake, dey come see one yellow bag and carry am. But di man wey get am find out say na di bag wey im laptop dey dem carry.”

Na so e come begin dey pursue boars with seriousness to collect am back as oda pipo wey dey di area begin dey laugh.

Adele later write for her facebook say she show di man di fotos and e laugh about di mata, then give her go ahead to share di picture for public.

She say dis incident na very good example of somebody wey dey focus to achieve dia goal.

Di photographer say plenti naked pipo dey for dat spot wey come do sun bath wey di boars appear.


During dis coronavirus lockdown plenti reports dey come out of animals wey no dey take advantage of di empty public spaces to come out with fear. Wild boar don already make demsef home for some Berlin suburbs.