Players wey cough on purpose fit collect red card, tok Ifab & FA

Red card

Players wey cough for di face of opponent dey risk red card

Players wey cough for di face of oda players or match officials fit begin collect red card, according to football rule-makers and England Football Association.

Di International Football Association Board (Ifab) say dat kain offence dey inside di same category as di one to dey “use language and oda actions to take insult or abuse pesin”.

“Like all offences, di referee need to make judgement about di true nature of di offence,” tok Ifab.

Dis new guidance dey come as di world dey face coronavirus pandemic.

“If to say na mistake, then di referee no go take action and also if di ‘cough’ happun when players no dey near large distance between the players.

“But wia e be say pesin dey close to who cough on purpose, then di referee fit take action.”

A ball and mask

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Di FA for England don also release dis guidance for grassroots football wey go take effect immediately.

Inside document dem write say If di mata not serious to deserve red card, dem fit produce yellow card for “unsporting behaviour”.

Dem also draw ear give referees not to begin punish normal coughing and say na only case wey e dey clear pesin dey use cough do anoda pesin bad.

As dem no write di law to cover Premier League and English Football League, na di referee go use im ‘church mind’ to determine di punishment.