Nigerian coronavirus cases fit don dey slow down from records

Records from di past 48 hours dey show say di rate of coronavirus cases for Nigeria fit don dey slow down.

For di second time di kontri record anoda lowest daily number.

Di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC announce three hundred and four new cases wey bring total comfam cases to 43,841.

Di previous day (1 August, 2020) di NCDC announce 386 new cases.

According to di latest situation report from di Nigeria Centre for Disease control, NCDC, di kontri don test at least 286,091 samples wit 10 states and di kontri capital Abuja as di places wey still get very high number of cases.

So far Nigeria don discharge at least 20,087 cases and record 888 deaths.

One ogbonge health NGO, Nigeria Health Watch tok say di west African nation discharge rate increase wella wey be say di total amount of active cases don enter early phase of flattening.