Mamman Daura BBC interview: Nigeria Presidency react to president Buhari nephew tok for interview wey dey cause gbasgbos- See wetin Mamman Daura tok



Di presidency don come out to tok say Mamman Daura tok-tok on di issue of acceptance for di Nigerian government no be di responsibility of di president or im government.

He tok say im personal views as a national elder no represent in any way di position of President Muhammadu Buhari.

One statement from di president tok tok pesin, Malam Garba Shehu, say dem don receive plenti questions about Malam Daura exclusive interview wit di BBC Hausa.

Mamman Daura tok about how di APC suppose select dia presidency candidate for 2023 election don cause gbas-gbos

Pipo dey tok about di future of di presidency afta di end of di term of a man from di north.

Wetin Mamman Daura tok for im interview wit BBC?


Mamman Daura during interview wit BBC Mustapha Musa Kaita

Afta almost 30 years of silence for di media, for di first time, Malam Mamman Daura, di man wey dem accuse say e don take ova di goment of President Muhammadu Buhari, don come out to deny di tok.

Mamman Mamman, wey be like son to President Buhari, offer im condolences on di deaths of im two best friends, Malam Abba Kyari and Sama’ila Isa Funtua.

He also tok on im views on how di Nigerian economy be and di security crisis for di kontri wey don refuse to stop.

For di interview, he also express im views about di future of di Nigerian presidency for 2023. He tok say di former goment no take ova di kontri

Dis na some of di key points im tell BBC:

‘I feel very sorry for my two friends’

For di interview wit di BBC, Mamman Daura say im dey “really sad” by di loss of im two friends, Abba Kyari and Sama’ila Isa Funtua. According to Mamman Daura, dem don make ogbonge contributions to di Nigerian goment.

For di interview, im also tok how dem be friends wit Abba Kyari and Samuel Isa until dia deaths.

‘Abba Kyari revive 31 fertilizer industry’

Mallam Mamman Daura, say from 2016 to date, dem don bring back 31 fertilizer factories for Nigeria, and all na di efforts of Malam Abba Kyari.

Oga Mamman say fertilizer don plenty for country. “Before na ₦ 15,000 dem dey sell one sack, now na 5,500,” he tok.

Mamman Daura tok why im neva comot to do interview wit journalist

According to am, reason no dey for am to come out loud for di media, he tok . “Wen we do journalism everybody hear us, wen I do goment work everybodi sabi wetin we do, now wey we don done, make I still dey shout?. Na wetin I go tok?. Mamman ask.

Mamman Daura’s relationship wit President Buhari

Daura clear im relationship wit President Buhari, say Buhari be like papa to am. He also tok say im be grow up wit President Buhari since childhood.

‘I no choose to advise President Buhari’

According to Mamman Daura, im dey go greet im brother, President Buhari, and wen di president ask for advice, im dey give am, but im dey always tell di president make im do as im please.

According to am, im no do am di goment. He tok say all tok-tok say na im dey run di presidency no be true.

Mamman Daura’s opinion on di 2023 election

For Oga Mamman Daura opinion, im think say make di current ruling party stop and study to see who go be di better pesin wey fit dey able to replace di president.

According to am, “dem fit see am whether from di north or from di south, na wetin dem suppose do be dat.

He tok say some Nigerians get some agreements even though dem no write am down about di transition of goment.

According to am, “Dem don accept am once, (twice) three times, dis kontri suppose unite, na di best be dat, no be who come from anoda place”.

‘Difference dey between goment work then, and now’

Sake of say Oga Mamman Daura na former civil servant since di reign of En’E, di BBC ask am if any difference dey between public service for di past, and now?

According to am difference no dey. For di past if any employee go late to work, dem dey take legal action, he tok.”But now you go and see half of di ministry pipo no dey there, either dem leave early, or dem no come at all.”

Mamman Daura


Mamman Daura view on insecurity for Nigeria

Daura say wen di Buhari administration start, e get 18 local goment areas for di northeastern states wia Boko Haram don set up flags, chase local rulers comot, he add am say dem don resolve am and di security palava don almost dey ova.

“Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger dey for turmoil,” he tok.

“You just dey live for di village and pipo come wit one motorcycle and kill you.

Di solution na to overcome di security problem

According to Mamman Daura, di solution to di security crisis for West Africa na for all ECOWAS goment, di Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to work together to address insecurity.