Mummy calm down viral video: Govnor of Lagos ask pipo to learn from viral video of little boy and ‘calm down’

Mummy calm down viral video don make di Govnor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos to tell Lagosians (di over 22 million pipo wey dey live inside Nigeria commercial capital) to learn from di small pikin wey dey tell im mama to ‘calm down’ wen she be wan beat am.

Sanwo-Olu on Wednesday plead with Lagosians to do am small small during di Salah festival wey dey come and do as di little boy tok, make dem “calm down”.

For inside di viral video one little boy begin dey trend on social media afta im dey cry as im mama wan beat am but im dey beg im mother make she calm down and rest well for chair.

Di govnor say di boy dey very and e sow di kind hustle wey mothers dey go through to raise children.

In di oda message wey dey di govnor statement to Lagosian, he say as pipo dey plan to celebrate di Muslim holiday, make dey also learn from Prophet Ibrahim self-restraint as di world dey fight coronavirus.

“We need moderate our celebration and also observe protocols for coronavirus wey be to maintain social distancing, washing and sanitizing our hands, and using our face masks,” di govnor say.

“I dey beg everi Lagosian to ‘calm down’ and make you no get carried away by di ‘excitement of di moment’. Like di rest of di world, we still middle pandemic and need to remain careful to keep di gains of di sacrifices we have all made in the past months.”

Goment for Nigeria don declear Thursday and Friday as public holiday for di Muslim celebration wey dey come.