Coronavirus: ‘I lose my customers afta pesin lie say I get Covid-19’

One businessman Aminu Dala for Kano northwest Nigeria say e don ready to carry one Abba Gwale go court, afta e write for social media say make pipo dey avoid am because e fit get corona virus.

Aminu wey tok to BBC say wetin Abba do make many of im customers run away and no dey come buy shoes from am again.

“I come back from Thailand two weeks ago wia I dey normally go buy shoes to come sell, na afta I come back na im some pipo come tell me wetin Abba Gwale write about me for social media say I just come back from abroad and I fit don catch coronavirus from my trip.”

“I dey charge am to court today as I don tok to my lawyers, wetin im do make pipo no dey come buy shoes from me because dem dey fear disease, di tin pain me wella, because afta I come back, I get medical clearance and I get my certificate.”

BBC Pidgin Covid 19 graphics


Abba Gwale wey Aminu dey charge to court because of wetin im write tell BBC Pidgin say e regret wetin im do and e don beg Aminu to forgive am.

“Di mistake na from me and I don call am beg am to forgive me, I just get di information and I no check am well before I post am.”

Wetin Aminu bin write on Facebook for Hausa be “E get one man wey dey Sabon Gari Market for Kano, shop C355 and e dey sell shoes, dis man just come back from Thailand and e dey go around dey interact with pipo e fit don carry dis disease and dey spread, make authorities act immediately.”

Barrister Musa Salihu wey speak to BBC on di mata say wetin Abba write about Aminu na wetin dem dey call libel for court and e fit lead to prison term for am.

“For court we dey call dis one libel and e fit lead to prison sentence for pesin wey do am, because wen you write say somebody dey carry disease wey pipo dey fear and no be true na serious mata for court.”

Kano Police Command tok-tok pesin DSP Abdullahi Haruna tell BBC say dem neva receive di petition from Aminu yet. “If e(Aminu) come report to us, we go look wetin im tok den invite di oda pesin to come so dat we do our investigations on di mata, from dia if na court, dem go proceed dia.”

Presently, Thailand get 1651 cases of coronavirus and 10 pipo don die from di disease.