Max FM Iyah Jogbo: Lagos radio presenter mmanuella Pobeni Adepoju don die, dis na Iyah Jogbo biography and how she die

Max FM Iyah Jogbo, di Lagos On Air Personality wey popular wella for her “Wetin Dey” radio show don off mic forever.

Iyah Jogbo na one ogbonge radio broadcaster wey real name na Emmanuella Pobeni Adepoju die on Thursday 24 July, 2020, according to her employer, di management of TVC Communications di owner of TVC, TVC News and Max Radio.

Di show “Wetin Dey” wey she always dey anchor every afternoon for Max FM carri her enta spot light inside Lagos State South West Nigeria.

Her funny characters during di programme and di way she dey engage audience make her get plenty fans.

Di oga patapata of TVC Communications, Andrew Hanlon say di news of Emmanuella death dey shocking and everybody for di media organization feel bad for di news.

Premium Times report say Iya Jogbo begin broadcasting work for 1995 wen she do IT for Radio Lagos, she start as News caster and presenter as she dey present Radio Lagos Global Focus.

She be correct voice over artist as na her voice di popular “Shoppers Guide” for English and “Karakata” for Yoruba and she carry out many voice over projects.

Iya Jogbo also na ambassador for, na programme wey dey always educate parents on how to take train, discipline and educate dia children.

Her programme for radio dey bring to focus societal ills, bad goment, and how Nigeria fit beta, she also don interview plenty ogbonge artists for her show.

According to report she get four children.

Many of her fans enta social media to bid her farewell.