Ese Oruru kidnap: Yunusa Dahiru wey suppose dey serve 26 years for prison don dey released? – Dis na wetin we know

Remember Yunusu Dahiru wey pipo sabi as Yunusa Yellow wey court send to 26 years in prison for kidnapping then 13 year old Ese Oruru in 2015?

Yunusa wey be Kano pesin from northwest Nigeria but dey stay Bayelsa for south south for 2015 carry Esese Oruru wey be 13 year old to Kano state without approval of her parents.

Na for Kano Ese convert to Islam and marry Yunusa for im town of Kura wey be 30 km from Kano city.

After di parents hear report of wetin dey happun to dia young daughter, na im dem report, wey lead to a long battle for court before Federal High court convict Yunusa on May 21 2020 and sentence am to 26 years in prison for various offences wey im commit.

Just two months now, rumours dey fly across northern Nigeria after some popular media say Yunusa don regain freedom from di efforts wey Kano senator Kabiru Gaya dey put to get am released.

Dis na why BBC enta di mata to really know wetin dey happun to di Yunusa Yellow issue and wia e dey at di moment.

Mujahid Zaitawa na senior legislative aide to Senator Gaya and pesin wey dey speak on behalf of di senator and e tell BBC say Yunusa still dey prison for Bayelsa but dem still dey work to get am released.

“Wetin happun be say Yunusa papa visit Senator Kabiru Gaya last week and you know say dem dey resemble wella, na im Rariya newspaper and oda media report say Yunusa Yellow don regain freedom instead of dem to confam who di pesin be.”

“But we still dey put effort to see say dem release Yunusa, i dey represent Senator Gaya for committee wey dey work towards that and even next week we dey go Bayelsa to continue work on im release and hopefully very soon..” Dis na wetin Mujahid tok.

Fatima Dahiru wey also be Yunusa sister tell BBC say as everybodi see di report na so dem see am too, dem come dey surprise say if Yunusa leave prison na dem suppose first see am not to be hearing for media.

“We (im family) too hear about di release for media but di truth be say e neva dey free, we neva see am but we dey hope and pray say e go dey free soon.”

Tok tok pesin for Bayelsa prison also yan say e no dey possible for Yunusa to enjoy freedom at dis time when e dey serve im sentence wey just start.