Godswil Akpabio NDDC: MD Probe, presidency, Interim Management Committee, everitin you need sabi about di Niger Delta Development Commission

NDDC latest news na say NigeraSenate panel don recommend dissolution of Interim Management Committee wey President Muhammadu Buhari announce to run di Niger Delta Development Commission.

Di Senate Ad hoc Committee wey dey chook eye inside di alleged financial recklessness by di Interim Management Committee IMC of di Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC don recommend make Goment dissolve dem and set up a proper NDDC board.

Di lawmakers say within di last three months, di commission don spend over N40 billion of di commission fund and “dem no follow di established processes of funds disbursement wey don open up more suspicion among stakeholders for di Niger Delta Region.”

Dem also fault di way di IMC use executive power for alleged wrongful sack of management staff without following di established civil service rules and practice, with di aim to allegedly conceal di fraudulent financial recklessness dem don commit.

Chairman of di panel, Sen. Adetumbi wey present di report to di Senate say di NDDC spend N4.9 billion on medicals between October 2019 and May 2020, come spend billions of naira on “overseas travel allowance” for time wen countries bin dey on lockdown and international flights no dey operate.

Oda tins wey di Senate panel recommend include:

■ Make NDDC go back to dey under di direct supervision of di Presidency, instead of di Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs

■Make Goment immediately set up di monitoring and advisory bodies wey di Act wey establish NDDC recognise.

■ Make di Interim Management Committee IMC refund di N1.4billion dem spend on COVID-19 to NDDC account.

■ Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs no get di capacity to implement di forensic audit so make di Auditor-General of di Federation supervise di forensic audit for transparency and efficiency.

■ Make di Auditor-General appoint internationally known audit experts to carry out di forensic audit exercise

Di Senate also recommend a review of di corporate social responsibility of NDDC, because e dey difficult to find any correlation between development for any of di Niger Delta communities and di cash dem don invest for di zone as e no dey show any kain development.

Seven important facts about Niger Delta Development Commission

Di Niger Delta Development Commission na one federal government agency wey former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo set up for year 2000 wit one ogbonge mandate, which na to develop di oil rich Niger Delta region.

For September 2008, di then President, Umar Musa Yar’Adua create Niger Delta Ministry and di NDDC become parastatal under di ministry.

Di purpose wey goment create dis ministry na sake of di militancy wahala and di plenty complain wey pipo for di region dey give, say goment abandon di area, pipo dey suffer neglect, no education, poor infrastructure and no any form of development for di where di kontri dey get im largest income.

Other work wey di commission go do na to train and educate youth for di oil rich Niger Delta regions to stop jaguda actions like to blow pipelines, disturb oyinbos wey dey work, kidnapping and to dey carry gun.


Di NDDC mission statement na to find lasting solution to di socio-economic problem wey dey di Niger Delta region and to begin fast development projects for di area, wey go make rich, get better infrastructure, dey socially stable wit better environment and where everytin go politics no go cause wahala.

NDDC dey guided under di Nigerian Constitution. Di Act wey establish am na di Niger-Delta Development Commission (Establishment etc) Act 2000 Act No 6.

An Act to provide for di repeal of di Oil, Mineral Producing Areas Commission Decree 1998, and among other things, establish a new Commission with a re-organised management and administrative structure for more effectiveness; and to use di money wey dem get from di allocation of from di federation account take tackle ecological problems wey arise on top say dem dey find oil minerals for di Niger-Delta area and for connected purposes.

Establishment, Etc of di Niger-Delta Commission and di Governing Board

Di commission go get im head office for Port Harcourt. E go get governing board wey go get one chairman and one pesin each as board members from di states wey dey produce oil. Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo and River states.

Functions and Powers of di Commission

Di commission get many work dem go dey do. Dem go reason which project dem fit carry out to promote physical and socio- economic development for di area. Dem go liaise wit di various oil mineral and gas prospecting and producing companies on all matters of pollution prevention and control, among others. Di board get power to manage and supervise affairs of di commission, inspect projects and do things wey go better di region.

How NDDC dey get dia funding?

Section 5 of di NDDC Establishment Act 2000 provide say di Commission go get find wey go take care of all dia expenditure.Di Act also provide who go dey find di Commission to include:1. Federal Goment: 15% of di total monthly statutory allocations wey dey die to member States from di Federation Account2. 3% of di total annual budget of any oil producing company wey dey operate onshore and offshore for di Niger Delta Area, including gas processing companies 3. 50% of money wey dey die to Member State of di Commission from di Ecological fund4. Any money wey di Federal or State Goment fit grant or lend or deposit with di Commission form time to time or any oda body or institution weda local or foreign5. All di money dem raise for di Commission weda na gift, Liam, grant-in-aid, testamentary dislocation it odawise 6. Proceeds from oda assets from time to time wey for a tie to di Commission


NDDC get many projects across di member states wey include building of roads, water projects, provision of transformers, shoreline protection projects as well as agriculture and youth empowerment programmes but some legacy projects wey di NDDC do include:

  • 29km Ogbia-Nembe road for Bayelsa
  • NDDC post graduate foreign scholarship wey dem start since 2010 to send students from di Niger Delta overseas for masters and PhD programmes
  • NDDC Mega Hostels for both State and Federal Universities for di member states
  • NDDC free Medical outreach wey dem dey use provide health services wey include major surgeries free of charge for rural areas among many odas.

Many of dis projects dem never complete dem and some dey abandoned.

Structure of di commission

Di commission go get Directorate of Administration and Human Resources, Community and Rural Development, Utilities Infrastructural Development and Waterways, Environmental Protection and Control, Finance and Supply, Agriculture and Fisheries, Planning, Research, Statistics and Management Information System, Legal Services, Education, Health and Social Services, Commercial and Industrial Development, and Projects Monitoring and Supervision.

Past chairmen and Managing Director of NDDC

Di Past Chairmen of NDDC Board include:Onyema Ugochukwu (Chairman 2001-2005) Abia StateSam Edem (Chairman, 2005-2007), Akwa-Ibom, Bassey Dan Abia (Acting Chairman 2007-2009), Akwa-IbomLarry Koinyan (Chairman (2009-2011), Bayelsa StateTarifa Tebepah (Chairman 2011-2013, Bayelsa StateBassey Henshaw (Chairman 2013-2015), Cross River State Ndoma Egba (Chairman 2016-2019), Cross River State.

Some past Managing Directors of NDDC include

Emmanuel Aguariavwodo (Delta State)Timi Alaibe, (Bayelsa) Pastor Power Z. Aginighan (Delta)Chibuzor Ugwuoha (Rivers)Dr. Christian Oboh (Rivers)Mrs Christy Atako (Acting MD)Sir Bassey Dan Abia (Akwa Ibom)Mrs. Ibim Semenitari (Acting MD, Rivers)Nsima Ekere (Akwa Ibom)Prof. Nelson Brambaifa (IMC, Bayelsa)Dr. Lelegima Enyia Akwagaga (Acting MD, Rivers)Dr. Joi Nunieh (IMC, Rivers)Prof. Kemebradikumo Pondei (IMC, Bayelsa)