Coronavirus: Covid-19 palliative 4000 bags of ‘Njoh’ rice dey ‘scatter’ Cameroon

Bags of Rice

Bags of Rice

Cameroon di scatter as kontri pipo di kweshion how health Minister, Manaouda Malachie share 4000 bags of rice.

Wetin we know about dis rice:

For helep goment fight Covid-19, some good heart pipo and companies di dash goment moni, chop, hand sanitisers and chloroquine tablets and oda tins.

For March, ORCA, (company weh e di deal wit furniture and decoration for house) bi dash goment 4000 bags for rice.

For dat taim kontri pipo bin joke say, e for good for cook de rice before deh give’am for goment because deh go ‘tief’am.

Since 21 July, some kontri man send tweet for Health Minister, ask e how e do wit de 4000 bags of rice.

Na so, Manaouda Malachie komot paper how deh share de rice for de ten regions for kontri for make’am clear say e nova tief, de rice.

“Ah wan make e bi clear how deh bi share dis rice for April 29, Manaouda Malachie tweet.

How goment share de rice and who bi suppose get

Cameroon health Minister, Manaouda Malachie

Cameroon health Minister, Manaouda Malachie

Minister say afta meeting wit Territorial Administration, Social Affairs, Women Empowerment and Family ministers, deh consider population for each de ten regions before deh share de rice.

Na centre region get de highest, 800 bags of rice, Northwest and Southwest regions get 300 bags each.

Regional governors bin suppose take de rice from Yaoundé to dia regions by May 1, den share’am for ‘vulnerable’-suffer pipo.

Just now some kontri pipo say deh nova even see empty bags, odas, di wanda who take de rice for dia regions.

But oda congratulate Manaouda Malachie say na transparent minister.

No bi only rice, kontri pipo di suspect, as deh also suspect mago-mago for how health ministry di manage moni weh deh dash goment for fight Covid-19.

Corruption di climb ceiling for Cameroon, number 153 out of 180 for 2019 Transparency International corruption index.