Meaning of bipolar disorder, treatment and symptoms of di mental health condition

Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar meaning, treatment and symptoms of dis mental health disorder

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Bipolar disorder na mental health condition wey dey affect pesin mood, di mood fit change from one extreme to anoda within twinkle of an eye.

Di pesin wey dey suffer bipolar disorder fit dey very high and happy one minute and di next minute, di mood go change and e go dey very low and sad.

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder

Pipo wey get bipolar disorder dey experience two symptoms:

  • Depression – Feeling of sadness, low and unworthy
  • Psychosis or mania – Overactive, energy, happy.

Pesin wey dey experience bipolar disorder fit get mood swing for several weeks.


Bipolar disorder: Bipolar meaning, treatment and symptoms of dis mental health disorder

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Bipolar disorder dey bring suicidal thoughs

Wen di pesin dey feel depressed, di symptoms na:

  • E go dey feel sad, hopeless, any small tin go dey irritate am most of di time.
  • E no go get energy.
  • E no go fit concentrate and e go dey remember tins.
  • Im no go dey interested to do anytin, noting go interest am.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Feeling of emptiness or worthlessness
  • Ego hard to sleep
  • E go dey quick wake
  • suicidal thoughts
  • feelings of guilt
  • feeling pessimistic about everything
  • self-doubt

Psychosis or mania

  • feeling very happy, high or overjoyed
  • e go dey quick vex and talk quickly
  • Energy go high
  • feeling self-important
  • feeling full of great new ideas and having important plans
  • being easily distracted
  • being easily irritated or agitated
  • being delusional, having hallucinations and disturbed or illogical thinking
  • not feeling like sleeping
  • e no go chop
  • e go dey spend money any how on wetin im no even fit afford or need.
  • making decisions or saying things that are out of character and that others see as being risky or harmful

Patterns of depression and mania

Bipolar meaning, treatment and symptoms of dis mental health disorder

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Drugs dem dey use treat bipolar disorder

Pesin wey dey suffer depression go dey experience more depression regularly than mania and e fit be vice-versa.

Between di time pesin dey experience dis mood swings, normal moods fit dey.

Di patterns no dey be di same for everybody. Some go experience:

  • Rapid cycling: Dis na wen pesin wit bipolar disorder dey quick change mood from high to low and e no go get any period wey im dey normal.
  • Mixed state: Dis na when pesin wit Bipolar diorder get symptoms of depression and mania di same time. E go dey very active but im mood go dey sad.

To dey live wit Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder na condition of extremes. Pesin wey dey suffer from dis sickness fit no sabi wen im dey very good or very bad mood.

Afta dem return to normal state na im dem go shock for dia behaviour. Di disease fit worry some serioulsy pass di oda. Some pipo go dey see, hear or smell tins wey no dey there.

Wetin dey cause bipolar disorder

Nobody know di cause of bipolar disorder but plenty tins fit trigger am like:

  • Serious stress
  • Plenty problems
  • Genetical and chemical factors
  • Life changing events

Who fit dey affected

Bipolar disorder dey very common and 1 for inside 100 pipo fit get di sickness.

Bipolar disorder fit happun at any age, although na between di age of 15 and 19, pipo dey suffer am pass and if pesin don pass 40, e no sure say e fit catch am again.

Dis mental sickness dey for all gender and background. Nobody e no fit affect.

Lithium na di first melecine dem dey take treat bipolar disorder

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Lithium na di first melecine dem dey take treat bipolar disorder but study show say dem dey prescribe am to one in 20 patients

Di following treatments dey available

Na psychiatrist doctor fit tok say pesin get Bipolar disease and e no get cure but dem fit manage am wit melecines.

  • Melecine dey to treat di main symtoms of depression and mania wen dem happun.
  • Understand wetin dey trigger di mood change and avoid am.
  • E get melecines wey doctors fit recommend to stabilize di sickness.
  • Psychological treatment – you go meet therapy wey go help you deal wit depression and give you advice on how to relate well wit pipo.
  • Lifestyle advice – regular exercise, do tins wey go make you happy, chop well and sleep well.

Melecines wey dem dey use treat bipolar disorder

  • Lithium
  • Anticonvilsant melecine
  • Antipsychotic melecine