Delta petrol tanker explosion: More dan 10 pipo burn to death inside terrible motor accident

Pipo don die while odas injure afta one petrol tanker explode for Delta state, south south, Nigeria.

According to eyewitness account, at least twenty pipo burn to death but police say na three pipo burn beyond recognition for di incident.

Pipo wey take eye see wetin happun say di petrol tanker bin fall for Koko junction for di Benin-Sapele express way as im dey try to dodge pothole.

According to tori, di incident happun around 11: 00am as di petrol wey di tanker cari begin leak afta e fall, some pipo begin pack di fuel na im di explosion happun.

At least 10 cars also burn for di fire.

Another eyewitness report ay di victims na pipo wey bin dey inside di cars wey burn.