US tell China to close Houston consulate: See wetin cause quarrel wey make America order dia embassy to close

US President Donald Trump wit China President Xi Jinping


Di US don order China to close dia consulate for Houston, Texas sake of di need to protect intellectual property and private information of American pipo, according to di kontri State Department.

Di department tok-tok pesin, Morgan Ortagus, on Friday, say US “no go allow the Peoples Republic of China violate our sovereignty and intimidation of our pipo, just as we no go tolerate PRC bad trade activities, thief of American jobs, and oda bad bad behaviour”.

Di consulate be one of five wey dey US, if you no count di embassy wey dey Washington DC.

Ms Ortagus also use di Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, wey allow for states to shook eyes for internal affairs of kontri wey dem dey host.

For anoda statement, di State Department say China dey engage for illegal spying and dey influence operations, including to dey put mouth for dia local politics.

US also say dem dey force dia business leaders, threaten families of Chinese Americans wey dey live in China.

Di order to close di consulate dey come after news comot say US don charge two men wey dem accuse say dey spy on US vaccine development on behalf of China security services.

How China react to di ban?

China don say di order to close dia consulate na violation of international law and say di decision increase tension wey don dey between di two kontris.

Spokesperson of foreign ministry for China, Wang Wenbin, say Washington bin dey “shift di blame for China and dey stigmatise dia pipo and unwarranted attacks”.

Wenbin don tell US to reconsider, say if US continue to dey do wetin dem dey do, “China go react with firm counter measures”.

China don wan say US get more pipo wey dey work for China dan dem get for dia kontri and na US go suffer pass if dem do dia own back.

US President Donald Trump wit China President Xi Jinping

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Wetin dey happun for di consulate?

Di first sign say something unusual fit dey happen for inside Houston consulate come on Tuesday, wen pipo see plenty dustbin wey dey burn for inside di building.

Video show pipo dey throw paper into di bins. Di video later show pipo dey pour water to kill di fire. E no sure who di pipo be.

Emergency services bin later enter di building on Tuesday evening.

Wetin dey ginger dis tension between China and US?

Plenty issue don happun wey don make President of America to call out China. Di one wey dey serious na about coronavirus, trade gbege and Honk Kong new law.

  • Coronavirus: President Trump don call Covid-19 “China virus” plenty times. Di first cases of coronavirus na from Wuhan in late 2019. China pipo too don tok say di virus na from US
  • Trade: Oga Trump don for long time accuse China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property thief, but for Beijing, dem dey look di situation like say US dey try stop di rise of China as global economic power
  • Hong Kong: China impose new national security law in Hong Kong for June wey make US to revoke di region preferential economic treatment. Mr Trump don sign law to impose sanctions on officials wey go against pipo rights. Beijing don accuse US of “gross interference” for dia domestic affairs and promise say dem go do dia own back