Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemates names: What you need to know about di 2020 contestants wey just enta di ‘locked down’ house

Big Brother Naija season 5 wey pipo don dey wait for since don begin today as di 20 housemates wey go stay inside di ‘lockdown’ house for 10 weeks enta di crib afta 14 days quarantine wey dem bin dey sake of di coronavirus pandemic.

Among di new housemates na; Dietician, singer and oodas.

Ozoemena Chukwu AKA Ozo

Ozoemena wey be 27 years old na Consultant and entrepreneur from Imo State. One of im greatest achievements na to work with UEFA Federation for Europe.

E study Economics and like to dey play loud music in di morning and to dey bang on doors.

Victoria Adeyele AKA Vee

Victoria Adeyele wey be 23 years old na musician wey base for Lagos, Nigeria. Dem born and raise her for London and she move come Lagos almost one year ago to begin her music career.

She say her parents na Nigerians and say she dey enjoy acting, socializing and making pipo laugh. Vee say she no eva don dey relationship wey last longer than six month.

Nelson Enwerem Prince

Nelson Enwerem Prince wey be 24 years old na entrepreneur from Abia. E don do modelling, fashion designing plus interior decoration and na graduate of pure physics from the University of Calabar.

Prince say im like to dey ignore pipo knowingly and like working out, swimming, food and reading about ancient religions and African history.

Boluwatife Aderogba AKA Lilo

Boluwatife Aderogba na 23 years old dietician from Lagos, Nigeria. She be also entrepreneur and describe hersef as “a product of God’s grace”.

Lilo say her biggest achievement na starting her own brand.

Timmy Sinclair AKA Trikytee

Timmy Sinclair na 35-year-old creative artist from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. E consider himsef as a storyteller wey dey uses di mediums of film, and music to express himsef.

Tricky Tee say im na pesin wey no fit into society and e dey too kpako to be butty plus im like food.

Lucy Essien

Lucy Essien na 30-year-old entrepreneur from Cross River. She say she be simple girl not so average and can dey mean and rude if pesin step on her toes.

Lucy say she believe in fairy tales, like good food and like her space.

Terseer Kiddwaya

Terseer Kiddwaya na 27 years old self-employed man wey come from Benue State. E describe himsef as confident, good looking, ambitious and pesin wey dey highly motivated.

E say im also dey confident and arrogant all at di same time and love travelling.

Dorathy Bachor

Dorathy Bachor na 24-year-old entrepreneur from Delta State and she believe she be di only one wey fit make you smile.

She say her biggest achievement na SHOPFORME – dat na di biggest procurement company inside Nigeria.

Praise Nelson

Praise Nelson na 28-year-old dancer from Enugu and e no dey new to fame or competing. E be di winner for di K-Pop World Festival, South Korea 2015 and win third place for di national Dance Competition for 2010.

E be also fitness and personal trainer and certified Latin ballroom expert. Praise say im like meeting new pipo and im na life of di party.

Florence Wathoni Anyansi

Florence Wathoni Anyansi na 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur and she be single mother wey dey do her fashion business and parenting blog at di same time

She say she fit speak and write Swahili wella as her mama na from Kenya and her Papa na Igbo.

Tochukwu Okechukwu AKA Tochi

Tochukwu Okechukwu na 28-year-old rapper and real estate agent from Imo state. E say e dey live and breathe entertainment and of Education chemistry

E say im dey straight forward and na social pesin. Im biggest achievement na to dey independent and to get education.

Kate Jones AKA Ka3na

Kate Jones na 26 years old entrepreneur from Rivers, Nigeria. She describe hersef as boss lady because she dey in charge of her life.

She say she want to dey famous, she like money and hate poverty. Her dream na to get di biggest luxury fashion brand for di world.

Eric Akhigbe

Eric Akhigbe na 24 years old final year student for University of Lagos and come from Edo State. E say im na pipo pesin and dey get pleasure if e complete any task

E describe himsef as fun, e like competitive sports and like fitness well-well plus also enjoy winning.

Ngozi Nlewedim AKA Erica

Ngozi Nlewedim na 26 years old actress and commercial model from London, England. She study screen acting for di Met Film School inside London.

She say she dey passionate to be big time celebrity and like to get drunk and dance in front of di mirror alone.

Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame AKA Brighto

Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame na 29-year-old sailor from Edo State. Brighto say e be di youngest of six kids and get degree in Marine Engineering from Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport inside Alexandria, Egypt with plenti oda professional certifications. Im biggest achievemen na scholarship wey im get to study abroad plus also im third engineer license including oda professional certificates.

E say e no like to dey offend pipo and e can speak Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba, Edo plus little bit of Arabic. e like to dey swim, travel and like adventure.

Aisha Umaru AKA Kaisha

Aisha Umaru na 25-year-old entrepreneur from Sokoto state. She consider hersef great team player wey dey get along with pipo. She rely on healthy diet.

She say she can be dramatic sometimes but very emotional. She like singing, going out and having having fun.

Emuobonuvie Akpofure AKA Neo

Emuobonuvie Akpofure na 26 year old ride-hailing app driver from Delta State . E describe himsef as fun, tolerant, loving and smart. E also dey secretive.

E biggest achievement na wen im win N 500 000 from one talent competition. E say e like wen pipo dey underestimate am and call imsef problem.

Tolani Shobajo AKA Tolanibaj

Tolani Shobajo na 27-year-old media personality from Lagos state. Tolani na energetic gingered babe. Pipo always call her di life of di party.

Tolanibaj say she come di house for di money, she like money and she like Naira Marley.

Olamilekan Agbeleshe AKA Laycon

Olamilekan Agbeleshe na 26-year-old singer and rapper from Lagos. E be graduate of philosophy from University of Lagos. E say im dey dey complicated, pipo dey misunderstand am and also dey open minded. E add say im like to dey discuss sexual mata.

E biggest achievement na im song ‘Fierce’ wey dey for MTV BASE Top ten charts for six months.

Rebecca Hampson AKA Nengi

Rebecca Hampson na 22 years old entrepreneur from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. She be former model and MBGN Top 5 contestant wey love learning new things, having fun, travelling, taking on new adventures.

She study communications for di University of Port Harcourt. She say she like clean place, clean pipo and like to dey true to hersef.

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