John Lewis: What you need to know about di ogbonge civil rights activist

John Lewis

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Rep John Lewis wey be leader for di civil rights movement and US congressman don die at di age of 80 years.

Lewis na one of di “Big Six” civil rights wey include Martin Luther King wey follow organise di historic march for 1963 for Washington.

For December 2019, Lewis announce say im get Stage four pancreatic cancer.

E tok say, “I don dey some kind of fight for almost my whole life, weda na for freedom, equality and basic rights, but I neva face fight wey be like di one I dey face now.”

John Lewis and Donald Trump

John Lewis and Donald Trump get plenti gbas gbos afta im say Trump no be legitimate president

Di Democratic Speaker of di House Nancy Pelosi confam im death for statement for her social media say im dedicate everyday of im life for freedom and justice for all.

“Na just like John say for di last weeks for im fight with cancer, e cari imself to visit di peaceful protest of Americans wey dey fight for racil justice.”

For 2013, John Lewis tok say na Martin Luther King encourage am for im waka to fight for racial justice for America.

Five things wey you suppose know about John Lewis

  • Im na di last speaker of di rally wey Martin Luther King give im “I Have A Dream” speech.
  • Im refuse to attend Donald Trump inauguration say im no be “legitimate president”
  • E meet Martin Luther because im bin wan go all white university, Troy State for 1957
  • E be one of di original 13 Freedom Riders doe 1961 wey fight to end segregation for pubic transport
  • Martin Luther King bin call am, “di boy from Troy”