Tyrese Devon Haspil: Personal Assistant to Fahim Saleh, Gokada CEO dey arrested as suspect for di murder in New York

Police don arrest di personal assistant of Gokada CEO wey dem cut im deadi bodi separate for one apartment luxury condominium building on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Tuesday afternoon, according to local report on Friday.

Fahim Saleh personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Haspil, age 21, dey expected to be charged for di killing of di young tech entrepreneur , according to two officials wey brief on di matter.

Na Oga Saleh sister discover di bodi around 3:30 PM on Tuesday wen she go check on am as she no hear from am for a day, officials tok say afta she find di bodi, she call di police.

Wen detectives begin investigate, dem find Saleh bodi without hand and leg wit one electric saw near am. Two law enforcement officials give di briefing say, dem later find di man head and limbs for di apartment., one Police Department toktok pesin tok am.

Plenti plastic bags bin dey di apartment and e be like say e bin get efforts for pesin who wan clean up di evidence of wetin happun, one law enforcement officials wey dem brief on di mata tok.

Di police no immediately identify di man, but plenti friends wey speak on di condition say dem no wan mention dia name say na Fahim Saleh, one 33-year-old technology entrepreneur and di owner of di apartment wia dem find di bodi.

Haspil dey expected to be charged in a criminal complaint wit second-degree murder and oda crimes.

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