Gokada CEO Fahim Saleh murder in New York – Before di tech entrepreneur death, see fotos of im life & times in Nigeria

Before New York police find Fahim Saleh dismembered body inside di luxury Manhattan Condo, di 33 year old Gokada CEO bin dey travel frequently to Nigeria wia e bin spend time wit tech community.

But on Tuesday 14 July, di sad news land say demdon kill Fahim Saleh for im apartment wia dem don use electric saw to cut im bodi.

Now, New York Police Department dey investigate wetin dem consider to be possible homicide, following Fahim Saleh suspected murder. But before all dis wahala land e go make sense to just check out di good

Fahim Saleh bin experience some happy moments in Nigeria

Afta Lagos State gomen place ban on motorcycles popularly referred to as Okada, Fahim Saleh business for Nigeria dey affected.

Di Gokada CEO wey almost dey cry, post final video on im Instagram page for February to plead for Lagos State goment to allow entrepreneurs to grow for di state.


Fahim saleh biography

Friends of Oga Saleh describe am as an ambitious man wey dey exercise everi morning, get busy schedule of meetings and im dey travel well-well to Nigeria for business. He dey collect tech gadgets and he dey live alone wit a small dog, Laila, wey dem see for di apartment but im dey alive.

According to one 2016 blog profile, dem born Oga Saleh for Saudi Arabia and he dey move wit im family well-well before dem later settle for Rochester, N,Y and later dem setlle for Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Saleh na di son of Bangladeshi immigrants, he learn how to code and begin develop apps as a teenager, im friends tok. After im graduate from Bentley University for Waltham, Mass., he invent PrankDial, app wey im create for making prank telephone calls.

Oga Saleh ride-hailing motorcycle start-up, Gokada, begin dey operate for Lagos, Nigeria, for 2018, and e raise $5.3 million in venture capital for June 2019, according to one website Techcrunch. Motorcycle taxis dey common for Lagos because dem fit enta and go through any traffic-clogged streets.