Jen Reid statue of Black Lives Matter protester for Bristol appear wia slave merchant Edward Colston own dey before

Jen Reid Statue Bristol

Jen Reid pose wit her statue, wey appear on di empty plinth on Wednesday

Jen Reid statue, wey be one Black Lives Matter protester for Bristol don show ontop di place wia di statue of slave merchant Edward Colston bin dey before.

Dem put di sculpture alias visual form of protester Jen Reid early on Wednesday for Bristol city centre afta dem pull down Colston own, throw am inside water last month.

Afta di removal, pesin bin snap Ms Reid as she stand ontop di empty place. Di photo later trend for social media.

“I feel say na something wey di pipo of Bristol go really like to see,” tok Ms Reid.

“My husband snap di photo on di day of di protests and put am for im social media. Marc Quinn come send am message.

“By Friday afta di protest I don dey im studio wit 201 cameras all around me, dey snap me from evri angle. Dem use am do 3D print and den di mould comot.”

Ms Reid tok say di sculpture dey important because e help to “continue di journey for racial justice and equality moving”.

Jen Reid standing on plinth - Who is Jen Reid na im pipo dey ask now

Dis foto of Jen Reid wey dey stand for wia Colston statue dey na wetin inspire di sculpture

Artist Marc Quinn confam say di statue, wey im call “Surge of Power”, na temporary something so dat tok about racism go continue.

“E suppose dey public wia pipo go see am and I desire for am to dey di same place wia Edward Colston dey before.”

Ms Reid say di tin just do her body gish-gish to climb and “raise my arm for Black Power salute,”

“I no even tink am. E be like electric shock bin dey flow through my body.

“Dis sculpture na to take stand for my mother, for my daughter, for black pipo like me.”

Mayor of di city Marvin Rees say di statue no get permission to dey dia

Inside on tweet, im say: “Anytin dem put ontop di place wey no follow due process, we must surely remove.”

Bristol statue:

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Pipo for Bristol stop to take photos of di new statue

Di council of leaders for di City don form committee historians and oda experts to research wetin be Bristol “true history”.

Statue - Edward Colston bin pulled into Bristol water

Edward Colston statue fall inside water for March during di Black Lives Matter protest