Pastor Adeboye: Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor marriage Twitter message don turn hot topic for di social networking site

Pastor Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God enta twitter – social networking service share lessons for women especially young bride wey dey marriage as im mark im wife birthday on Monday, July 13.

For twitter thread, di GO say im dey share di lessons for women to fit learn from im wife.

Wetin be di lessons?

Obey your husband

Pastor Adeboye say if im insist say make im wife follow am go anywhere, she go cancel evritin wey she dey do to follow him.

Respect your husband

“No matter how woman dey successful, na her husband be di head of di house.” Pastor Adeboye post for Twitter.

Cook for your husband

Pastor Adeboye say no matter how im wife dey busy, she go cook for am and serve am food, she no dey leave food for house-help to cook.

Earlier dis year, Pastor Adeboye tweet to advise men, make dem no marry woman wey no fit cook.

No delegate your duty to anoda pesin

Na my wife dey trim my nails for me, she bin dey even barb my hair one period and she no dey delegate her primary duties to anyone else.

Your husband must fit rely on you

“Anything I want, she want too”, Pastor Adeboye tok to conclude im birthday message to im wife.

Dis marriage advice divide pipo for social media and dis no be di first time wey im marriage principles no dey go down well wit some women.

Dem believe say di General overseer advice no dey follow feminism principles wey don already dey grounded for di West African kontri.