Ibrahim Magu: Answers to five questions around di arrest and probe of di EFCC suspended boss

Na since on Monday,6, June, 2020 na im di suspended Economic and Financial Crimes Commission chairmo for Nigeria Ibrahim Magu don dey detention to ansa some questions about im administration of di agency wey im don dey in charge of since 2016.

Na on Monday Magu bin appear before panel wey President Muhammadu Buhari organise for am to come defend imsef from di mago-mago and disrespect accuse wey im dey face.

Di panel wey di Presido set up and wey former President of di court of appeal Ayo Salami dey lead dey investigate di allegations wey include di same tins wey di agency wey e dey lead before use send many pipo to prison.

At di moment, wetin dem dey accuse Magu of include: corruption, insubordination and disrespect to office of di justice minister.

Magu deny dis accusations and also pipo wey dey work with am say di suspended chairmo try im best to work in line with rules and guidelines of di agency. But dis na di breakdown of di accuse.

Di news of him arrest and probe bin shock many Nigerians; sake of say di ‘chief thief catcher’, sef don enta gbege.

Wetin be some of Magu offence?

Although Justice Ayo Salami -former president of di court of Apeal panel neva tell Nigerians wetin Magu crime be.

But dis na some of im offence according to di Presidential committee on Audit of Recovered Assets

  • During im leadership, EFCC no remit interest on top 550 billion naira wey dem recover from treasury looters
  • Di suspended EFCC oga dey use different means to siphone money plus e dey collect bribe from suspects.
  • E dey use one Bureau dey change wey get 158 bank account to ‘steal’ moni.
  • Magu and some officials dey do money laundry.
  • E dey use one pastor to steal money go abroad and e buy am house wey worth 573 million naira for Dubai.
  • E refuse to cooperate wit UK firm to enable dem charge Diezani Alison Madueke to court

Where Magu come dey Now?

One team of security personnel from Department of State Services, Force Criminal Investigation Department bin arrest Magu afta e refuse to honour two invitation from di Ayo Salami led panel.

Since di first arrest, Magu don dey detention for di Force Criminal Investigation Department FCID for Abuja.

Na from dia e dey waka go face di panel everi day. Some time, di questions dey last for several hours and till night and afta dat, dem go return back to station.

Magu don write letter to di Inspector General of Police through im lawyer make dem release am on bail, based on self recognition, but dat one never happun yet.

Meanwhile, all di security pipo wey di guide am plus im house dem don withdraw all of dem.

Wetin di presidency don tok about di case?

E neva tey wey President Muhammed Buhari chook mouth on top Magu mater considering say im don dey face di investigative panel for the Banquet Hall of di Presidential Villa since Monday.

Di presidency don issue two statement so far. Di first one na for on 10 July wen President Buhari issue statement to say im don suspend Magu and appoint Muhammed Umar to take charge of di commission to enable di former acting chairman clear in name from all di accuse on top im head.

And di second one, goment write to justify why dem suspend Magu. Di President say Magu no dey immune to investigation.

Dis kain tin don happun to EFCC oga before?


Since di establishment of EFCC for 2003, all those wey don eva become di chairman no dey always finish dia tenure in good fate.

Dem dey always get issue wit corruption allegation.

Di first oga of EFCC na Nuhu Ribadu and den during Olusegun Obasanjo administration, e bin fight corrupt politicians but later, dem come accuse an of corruption- dem come drop am, demote am for police and e later run go exile.

After am, Farida Waziri take over and dem accuse am say e enta plenty plea bargaining and later dem come drop am.

Ibrahim Lamorde come take over and dem accuse am say e no fit account for di loot wey im recover, dem come send am packing before oga Magu come take over and im too den dey face corruption kasala wey analysts believe say e no go survive.

Wetin go happun next?

E never clear.

But as e be now, oga Magu go kontinu to dey face di panel through out dis week to ansa dia questions.

E neva clear wen di investigation go end, but if dem find Magu guilty, e mean say e fit face di law.

Although, no EFCC chairmo since dem establish di commission don go court on top corruption allegation.

Magu imself don say im no go take goment go court despite say di kontinu detention dey against im fundamental right.