Nigeria military confirm Islamic State of West Africa Province, ISWAP presence for Zamfara

A vehicle carrying Boko Haram flag

A vehicle carrying Boko Haram flag

Nigerian Army for di first time say dem target Islamic State of West Africa Province ISWAP for Zamfara state wey dey northwestern part of di kontri.

ISWAP na branch of Boko Haram wey dey trouble northeastern part of Nigeria for years and before now all di kili kili wey dey happun for northwest, Nigerian military and Police dey blame am on armed bandits.

For press statement wey dem release, according to di military dem bomb di ISWAP camp for Kuyambana forest wey dey for Maru local goment area of Zamfara and one Dogo Gide na im be di leader of di group for di place.

Dem add say dem kill plenti of ISWAP fighters using dia airforce jets including those wey try run away with leg and on top bike.

Thousands of pipo don die from many attacks for northwestern Nigeria in recent years and many don also run comot from dia towns and villages.