Measles outbreak in Cameroon: Why di disease dey spread for di country

Cases for measles don reach 1300 for 78 districts for Cameroon and plenti popi di wanda why dis sick di spread for kontri

Measles na sick weh e fit komot from pesin to anoda and na virus di cause am.

De signs na fever and small-small pimples for skin -coro-coro wit catarrh for nose.

Just now, measles don spread for eight of de ten regions, 13 pipo don die. Only two regions Northwest and Southwest nova get dis new outbreak.

Mostly na pikin dem from 9-59 moon catch measles and plenti of dem no bi don go for vaccination.

Why di spread dey spread?

De reasons weh de cases di increase as Expanded Programme on Immunisation, PEV, tok:

  • Plenti parents di fear for take dia pikin dem go for health centre for vaccination.
  • Epidemiologist, Vanessa Kouatchoaung a say “some parents dem di deny injection say e no good and some di fear for contract Coronavirus for hospital”.
  • PEV explain say wit Coronavirus, Covid-19 e no easy for follow-up activities for normal vaccination slow down and plenti resource di go na for check coronavirus.

Cameroon di get supplies from Europe and Asia but because deh lock factories for three moons deh no respect de time table, PEV write.

For December 2019, goment add second vaccine for measles and inside foru days deh chu more dan million pikin dem.

Weti goment dey do?

Goment di put more force for sensitise pipo for take dia pikin dem for vaccination especially as e concern measles.

Health officials say hospitals bi safe for vaccinate pikin dem as special centre di take care of Covid-19.

Pikin from Madagascar dey collect measles immunisation.


Cholera too dey Cameroon

No bi only measles di spread for Cameroon for dis taim weh kontri dis also struggle for reduce spread for Covid-19.

Cholera, sick weh e kam wit running stomach, also di worry pipo for seaport town of Kribi for de past one moon.

Just now, 42 cases for cholera dey, 20 Cameroon and 9 Nigerian fishermen dey among de sick pipo and four pipo don die.

Cholera na sick weh e dey laik came no go. Places for far North, Southwest, Littoral and centre region don register about 2302 cases between 2018 and 2019.

For Kribi, one of de areas weh Cholera di spread, local health authorities di tok for pipo say dey get for di use toilet no poo for open air as e di helep for spread Cholera.