US on international students visa: Trump oda immigration laws wey no favour Africans

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As tori comot about one new US immigration law wey fit force foreign students out of America, many go dey wonder if dis na anoda law from di current goment wey go pour sand-sand for African pipo garri.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) say pipo fit face deportation unless dem change to institution wey dem go fit go class to attend classes.

Although no be only Africans form di migrant population for America, dem form di largest number of pipo wey dey enta US, according to data wey US Census Bureau release. For example na Nigerians plenty pass from African and Cameroon na im dey lead in terms of di rate of immigrants wey dey enta US.

Dis new law say in di case whereby di US school wey immigrant study wan switch to online classes – because of coronavirus – dem, di foreign student must leave US or switch to anoda school wey still dey do face-to-face lecture.

Di decision affect students wey dey di US on F-1 and M-1 visas, according to di ICE statement.

Dis go worry Africans pass because according to di UNESCO Institute of Statistics, from 2006 to 2014, di number of African students wey dey universities don increase well-well. From about 343,000 to 427,000 between 2013 to 2014 alone.

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And if pesin look some of America recent policies, Africans wey dey inside US or get plans to enta, still get oda mata wey go worry dem:

27 September 2019

Di Trump administration announce say refugees wey dem go accept for 2020 no go pass 18,000. Dis na big reduction from di 110,000 wey e be in oga Donald Trump enta office.

23 January 2020

US announce say foreigners no fit enta dia kontri again just to come born pikin, inside wetin dem say na road to mark di end of baby tourism.

Baby tourism na practice wey common with African families (although Russia and China high pass) wia pregnant woman go go born for US so as to make di pikin get American citizenship.

Di law no affect European and Asian countries.

31 January 2020

As part of election-year plan to reduce restrict immigration, di Trump administration announce six kontries wey no meet security standards, go get tough for dia visa.

Officials say dis kontries na Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania. Also unlike before family members wey already dey US no go fit sponsor dem come – like e dey happun before.

22 April 2020

US presido Donald Trump sign executive order to temporarily suspend di approval of some green cards, in order to “protect jobs of American workers” sake of coronavirus.

Dis mean say African migrants wey don get green card settle for US, no fit sponsor family members go, like e be before.

Schools like Harvard University bin say dem go offer only online classes moving forward to protect students and staff from di new coronavirus but some sabi pipo believe say schools wey plans before to do online classes go change am so as to keep dia students.