Magu: Nigeria big politicians wey go prison under di EFCC boss

Di oga of di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for Nigeria, Ibrahim Magu, don go from man wey dey hunt down pipo wey tiff money to man wey dem dey torchlight ontop some accuse wey never still dey clear yet.

On Monday 6 June, 2020, Magu appear before one panel ontop accuse of misconduct.

Tori be say Magu spend di night with security pipo as per say di panel wey dey question am neva finish dia work.

Before now since 2015 wey President Muhammadu Buhari appoint am, na Magu dey hold pipo like dis to come answer question ontop accuse of Mago-Mago.

Im don hold plenty top politicians and influential pipo for Nigeria, and im even successfully put some of dem for prison afta court rule say true-true dem tiff money.

See some of di big-big politicians wey EFCC jail under Magu administration.

Bala Ngilari

Bala Ngilari be former govnor of Adamawa state wey chop five years imprisonment afta EFCC accuse am say im no follow law wey guide how to dey give contract wen he be governor. EFCC charge di former govnor and two oda pipo to court say dem give contract of N167 million without following di rule goment put for how to give contract. Court for Yola agree say di former govnor guilty and knack am five years for prison but appeal court for di state later comot Ngilari for prison. Di appeal court say di charges wey EFCC take put Ngilari for prison no get merit and proof say di former govnor break di laws.

Jolly Nyame

Di former govnor of Taraba state dey cool im back for jail where im go spend 14 years after court find am guilty of mago-mago.

EFCC accuse di govnor say im do mago-mago wen im be govnor between 1999 to 2007.

Justice Adebukola Banjoko say EFCC, under Magu, provide plenty evidence wey show say di former govnor tiff N1.64bn. Di Appeal court and Supreme court also agree with di judgment and say make di former govnor for prison dey chill.

Joshua Dariye

For 2007, EFCC charge Joshua Dariye, di former govnor of Plateau state for money laundering and say im tiff N1.126bn from di Plateau goment ecological moni. Dem say im tiff di moni through Ebenezer Reitner Ventures, company wey no even get registration number. After ten years, Justice Banjoko nack am 16 years imprisonment. Di judge say make im spend two years for one offence and anoda 14 years for anoda offense, but im go do di prison at di same time. Dariye later manage reduce di time to ten years after court of appeal for Abuja commot four years for di prison time.

Orji Uzor Kalu

Orji Kalu wey be senator wen court send am go prison enter gbege wit EFCC wen dem accuse am say im tiff N7.65 billion wit im former commissioner of Finance wen he be govnor.

Justice Mohammed Idris on December 5, 2019 sentence di former governor to 12 years in prison but di supreme court later release am.

Supreme court reason say, Justice Idris wey put Kalu for jail, don already be appeal court judge di time wey im give di judgment.

Now, Kalu dey go back to court to answer EFCC accuse if im tiff di money or not.