Anglophone crisis: Hope for end to di fight di disappear as goment say ceasefire toks no connect reality

Hope for end four years of crisis for Northwest and Southwest regions di disappear as goment say ceasefire tok wit separatist leaders for social media no connect wit reality.

But goment no open up for weti bi de reality.

Goment react through tok-tok pesin, Rene Emmanuel Sadi afta separatists leaders weh deh di serve life sentence for prison komot release say deh meet wit some goment officials.

“Informate weh e di circulate about goment and separatists meeting for social media no connect wit reality”, Sadi tok.

E add say goment di look for solution for end de crisis for de two regions and bi open for different contacts and initiatives.

Goment say make fighters stop for hambock population and for destroy cargo. Deh say security and defence forces go continue for do work for professional way for protect kontri pipo.

Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe for release say, “today July 2, nine of our leaders meet wit some goment pipo for La Republic du Cameroun for tok ceasefire in line wit United Nations call for end war for Ambazonia”.

“Interim goment don inform oda frontline groups about dis formal meeting, and we don make we position clear for goment”, deh add.

De leaders say make goment komot army from de two regions, free prisoners weh deh get connection wit de crisis as conditions for start correct tok.

Plenti kontri pipo dis ask kweshion, who di tok true now? How separatist leaders go tok say deh hold meeting wit goment weh no bi true.

Cho Ayaba, president for Ambazonia Governing Council, weh e di control one of de fighter groups, Ambazonia defence forces, ADF bi don already warn say de ceasefire meeting na way for trick pipo.

E tell ADF fighters for Northwest and Southwest regions for hold dia fighting positions.

Wit dis situation many kontri pipo say dia hope for see de end for dis crisis don disappear.

Pipo laik Barrister Agbor Balla weh e bi don test prison for seka de crisis bi don support ceasefire toks.

Sally Mboumien, coordinator for SW/ NW Women’s Taskforce, SNWOT weh deh di work for tackle de crisis say dis kana tok weh e di go up and down no di helep pipo weh deh di suffer.

E encourage de two parties for look shine eye for de palava as mami dia heart di hot, especially wit Coronavirus for outside.

Make de two sides know say weti di deh do, di frustrate de common man, mami dem, pipo wit disability weh deh dia hopes dey for table for see if de crisis go end.

Goment get for make sure say toks take place and make separatists too gada demselves tok weti deh want gree for put gun for down, try for tok dia palava.

“As taskforce we di encourage de two parties for tok peace because no amount of gun go solve de problem, at de end of de day deh go must tok” e add.

“We di cheka’am say na de taim dis for tok because pipo dem don tire for suffer, make de two sides tink fain for seka pipo, because tok fain pass de bullet, e tok.

Anglophone crisis start since 2016 and just now mami and pikin dem di suffer plenti, about 3000 pipo don die.