School resumption in Lagos state: J.S.S 3 and S.S.3 students go resume school plus oda tins you suppose know

Di Lagos State Government go reopene schools for students wey dey ”graduation classes” from August 3rd.

Di Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, tok dis one press briefing on Friday.

Im tok say di schools go reopen for students for Senior Secondary School three and Technical School three.

Im add say primary schools and Junior Secondary School three students go resume to school one week or two weeks after di SSS3 students’ done resume.

Di governor draw hear give school authorities to ensure say adequate preparation dey for resumption before di August 3.

“Tertiary institutions go remain closed. We go continue to support online teaching during this period. However, students for transitional classes wey get mandatory public examinations ahead of them go dey permitted to resume for revision classes and examinations. Di commencement date for dis go be from Monday, August 3rd.

“All educational establishments must to follow di guidelines for di reopening. We just finish very serious meeting with stakeholders for di educational sector for di reopening.

SSS3 and TECH three students go start; for JSS3, and primary six dem go wait for about one week or two before resumption. Dis go be only for day schooling. No boarding activities dey permitted during this time.” Govnor Sanwoolu tok.

Di govnor say Lagos don registered seven (7) private laboratories for testing and dem bi SynLab, Clina-Lancet, Medbury Medical Services, Total Medical Services, O2 Medical Services, Biologix, and 54Gene.

Im come remind of di guidelines wey Lagosians must to continue to follow.

See di conditions here

  • Di nationwide curfew go remain in force from 10pm to 4am daily.
  • Places of worship go remain closed in Lagos State, until further notice.
  • All Social and Events Centers, and Social Clubs, go remain closed, for now. However, some list of Social Clubs wey get verifiable Trustees and Governing Board, wey also meet strict guidelines go dey released from time to time for supervised openings.
  • All bars, day and night clubs, cinemas, games arcades, beaches and beach fronts, gyms and spas continue go remain closed. Eateries and restaurants go continue to open as normal for takeout only.
  • All schools and educational institutions go remain closed except for J.S.3 and S.S.3.
  • All restrictions wey apply to mass gatherings go remain in force. That is, no more than 20 persons per gathering plus includes funerals as well.