Dbanj and Seyitan: Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo and Seyitan Babatayo rape accuse story according to Segalink ‘truth’

D'banj and Seyitan

d’banj seyitan/instagram

Segun Awosanya wey be Nigeria social activist don give details of im own side of di rape accuse story against popular Nigeria musician, D’banj.

Di news break of June 18 , say police arrest one lady, Seyitan Babatayo wey accuse di popular singer wey real name na Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo say she rape am for one hotel room in 2018.

But di Nigeria police deny di accuse say dem no arrest or detain Seyitan Babatayo, dem tok say dem invite Seyitan and di singer, Dbanj for interrogation and to give dia statement on di accuse,

On three different occasions, Seyitan no come, na why we ask di Force CID to send officers from Lagos to invite her for her written statement and interrogation on di alleged rape, according to police claim.

Social media bin turn upside down for mid June, 2020 as different reports say Police don arrest Seyitan begin spread.

Na so pipo start to dey ask say, “Wia Seyitan dey?”

Tori be say some policemen from di singer bin allegedly arrest Seyitan for over 24 hours come make her delete evritin wey she bin post about di mata.

While she bin allegedly dey inside police custody, she deny say police arrest.

She also tweet say she don tire for all di drama but di one wey burst pipo head na wen she tweet one of D’banj promo music video.

Actress Dorcas Shola Fapson claim say she bin follow Seyitan tok and say true true, dem arrest and seize her properti.

See how Segun Awosanya explain di details of wetin happun afta den

Seyitan come meet me first wen di matter break out.

Her first complain na about di DPO of di Bar Beach Police station, she tok say di DPO no treat am fairly.

I tell her to go home wit her friend and relax say I go take di matter up, report di police officer and engage one of our organisation.

Di next call wey I get di next day na to tell me about how Dbanj team take respond to di accuse online and how dem file am criminal defamation letter wey I believe say e no dey fear.

As we dey plan wetin to do next on dis, I get informate from Seyitan say her friend don get am Lawyer.

I dey surprised but I tok say no problem as long as she dey happy to get anoda pesin to represent her. She add am say dem make am sign retainer, di tin vex me say she go get pesin wey go make am sign binding document even as she dey emotionall disturbed.

At dis point , Dbanj team don print criminal defamation letter and dem don publish am and we need respond since dem no even hear her out before dem publish di letter.

I no sabi say di Lawyer don notice her emotional state and im sabi say she fit change her mind later, hence di need to make her sign legal document.

She tell me how di lawyer act, wey I sabi say na for her good

She tell me say her lawyer wan her to settle and di tin vex me again.

So I tell her to do wetin di lawyer tok if na wetin she want be dat, I promise say make she call me if she need help.

Di next thing I see na calls and texts say dem don arrest and detain her. I ask di pesin to send me di location so I fit can call since na Lagos and I finally got to know say na IRT.

I call di contacts there but dem dey out of station yet di pipo on duty respond to me. I still no fit reach Seyitan but still dey try & I ask wia her Lawyer dey.

I even tweet about her arrest tok say we go bring di officer to justice, until I got to know say dem carry di lawyer along and dem don even reach agreement for dat meeting.

Na there I confam say she no dey under any condition for me to stress myself, so wen dem call me again, I tell dem to rest and call me wen dey are okay,

I no sabi say dem don settle di mata even her mum wey want peace support am.

Di receipts on di incident at IRT dey available from wen dem invite her to arrest and wen dem settle di mata wit di consent of her parent and her mama.

Wetin dey constant for di accuse na di mention say police tell am say dem go arrest her and we no fit get evidence for all dis tok.

Even dem misinterpret all di few tok-tok wey I get wit Seyitan based on her concerns, Dem tok say I dey prevent am from listening to all di feminist stories. But dat no be new tin.

Wen di time dey right you go hear from credible parties on our role and how transparent it was even to di point say we wan feature her for documentary.

I no get any issue wit Seyitan and I go always support her no mata what but I believe say dey under undue influence on dis mata wit elements wey wan use am for dia own agenda.

Vex no dey if pesin make a case must dis one, I maintain say e must be di will of di individual.

How evritin take start

Palava bin start early June 2020 wen one Nigerian model scout, Benjamin Ese claim say Dbanj bin rape im friend inside one Lagos hotel for 2018.

Di accuse bin come shortly afta D’banj join oda celebs to preach against rape wia im write say ‘No means No’.


Dis D’banj post come vex Ese wey make am drag di singer for potopoto say im hand sef no clean.

Inside di Instagram post wey Ese don delete since, im give full details of di alleged rape claim say di singer bin offer im friend N200,000 ($516) to sleep wit her but she no gree.

Ese claim say di singer bin collect spare key to di lady room from di hotel reception, enta her room come rape her.

(But BBC Pidgin no fit independently verify all dis claim).

Di mystery lady show hersef

Where tins dey now?

Shortly afta she comot from di alleged police detention, Seyitan release official press statement wia she finally admit say four police officers arrest her carry her station for Shodipo, Ikeja. She say di police keep her for almost 48 hours without charges.

Inside di statement, she maintain her claim say D’banj rape her.

So far, D’banj neva tok anytin but im post video for im Instagram wia im dey dance to one of im hit songs, ‘Olorun Maje’ wey mean ‘God Forbid’. Di singer bin caption di video ‘Innocent until proven guilty’.


As e be so, di mata neve reach court but di Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu don order investigation ontop di accuse against di singer.