Hushpuppi extradited to US: Some oda Nigerians wey don face yahoo yahoo charges for America

Dubai Police bin announce on July 2, 2020 say dem dey hand over alleged Nigerian fraudster Raymond Igbalode Abbas alias Hushpuppi to di Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for America.

Recently, di Dubai Police arrest di two wanted fraudsters, “Hushpuppi” and “Woodberry” along with ten African cybercriminals for one special operation wey dem call “Fox Hunt 2”.

Some oda Nigerians dey wey don face cybercrime charges aka ‘yahoo yahoo’ for di US.

David Chukwuneke Adindu, 29 years

FBI bin arrest Adindu for 2016 ontop accuse say im bin scam thousands of victims around di world. Tori pipo Reuters bin report say Adindu, wey di FBI bin arrest for Houston airport, bin use fake emails of company executives and vendors to make im victims wire am big big moni.

Im plead say im no dey guilty for di Manhattan federal court.

Olufolajimi Abegunde, 32 years

Atlanta-based Abegunde bin chop 78 months prison sentence for October, 2019 afta court for Tennessee, US find am guilty of international cyber fraud scheme.

U.S. District Judge Sheryl L. Lipman wey settle di case, bin order Abegunde to pay $57,911.62 to im victims.

Invictus Obi, 32 years

Di case of Nigerian entrepreneur, Obinwanne Okeke AKA Invictus Obi bin shake di nation no be small, sake of how many young pipo bin dey look am as dia role model.

FBI bin accuse am say im use computer-based intrusion fraud scheme to tiff $11 million from im victims.

As e be so, Okeke don plead guilty to di charges.

’80 Nigerians’

Di phrase ’80 Nigerians’ bin trend well-well for social media around August, 2019 afta US authorities announce say dem charge 80 pipo – most of dem Nigerians – ontop stealing of millions of dollars.

Prosecutors bin accuse dem say dem use business email fraud schemes and online romance scams to do dia victims wayo.

Authorities bin tok say dis na one of di largest cases like am for di history of US.