Man City v Liverpool: Wetin be guard of honour wey Guardiola don agree to do?

Arsenal give Manchester United a guard of honour

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Manchester City players go give di new Premier League champions Liverpool guard of honour for Etihad Stadium on Thursday, Pep Guardiola don confam.

Dis go be Liverpool’s first game since dem win di league title afta City lose to Chelsea.

From time, football don get many traditions wey no be rule like that but something wey dem don dey do come – like to shake hand before match kickoff.

Some of dis traditions na out of respect for di opponent and di mindset at di end of di day, football na just game.

But wetin be dis guard of honour and why e dey important?

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola

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Di guard of honour wetin di team wey don win league or championship dey collect from opponent ontop field, before kickoff or before dem present di cup.

Di opponent go form two lines, come begin clap as di winner waka for middle.

No be everybody like di guard of honour

Gary Neville of Manchester United bin vex say im go need give Chelsea guard of honour for 2005. E say di tin be like when “your wife leave you, dem come ask you to hang cloth for di new man inside your former wardrobe!”

Even dis year own, former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy say e no make sense say Kevin de Bruyne of City go come dey clap for players wey no reach to tie boot for am.

Manchester City players walk out to a guard of honour

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Dethroned champions Manchester City have been the recipients of a guard of honour on several occasions

Guard of honour dey compulsory?

Tori be say di first time e happun na for 1955, when Manchester United give one to Chelsea.

Although rules no dey say club must do guard of honour for di champions elect. Na out of respect many don keep di tradition.

As di ogbonge man wey Pep be, e say: “We go greet Liverpool, when they come our house, we go do am well. We go do am because dem deserve am.”