Airports reopening in Nigeria: Robots, waiting time, oda tins wey go change wen flights resume

Nigeria Aviation Minister Senator Hadi Sirika say airports for Nigeria dey 90% ready to open now.

Di minister tok dis wan for di dry run exercise wey di Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) do on Saturday, June 27, 2020 for domestic terminals of di Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja and Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.

Di aim of di exercise na to assess di readiness of di airports to reopen afta di coronavirus lockdown.

Na since March na im goment suspend flights sake of di coronavirus, dem bin announce say dem go reopen for June 21, 2020 but dem reschedule again.

Wetin be di latest update?

Di General Manager of FAAN Henrietta Yakubu tell BBC Pidgin say di airports don dey 90% ready to resume flights. But Yakubu add say, na di Presidential taskforce of Nigeria on coronavirus go decide.

Yakubu add say di airlines dey engage with di Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, (NCAA) as to di capacity, number of pipo dem go fit dey carry per time.

Wetin you need to know from wen you land airport to before you check-in

  • You must reach airport three hours before your flight for domestic flight and five hours for international flight because of all di checks authorities go get to dey do now sake of coronavirus.
  • Pre-checks go happun outside di terminal.
  • Once you come down from your vehicle, you go waka go di canopies wey don dey for front of di airports, with your nose mask on and observing physical distancing.
  • If you get any luggage you go waka go di left hand side for wia port health authorities go disinfect your luggage and baggage to ensure say no trace of coronavirus follow you enta di airport.
  • Taps dey outside wia you go wash your hands before you go meet di port health authorities to take your temperature.
  • If your temperature dey above 40, dem no go allow you inside di terminal. Dem go carry you go one corner for further checks.
  • If you pass di temperature check, you go come waka go wia dem go scan you and your personal items.
  • From dia , you go come waka enta di terminal, go di airline you dey travel with.
  • No more physical contact between di airline staff and passenger, na you go detach your boarding pass yourself too and drop inside container wey go dey available, carry your own waka go board.
  • To further reduce contact between passengers and airline workers, airports go use robots to do some of di processes wey airport officials bin dey do before. Dem go try out di robots for Lagos and Abuja airports first before dem extend go di oda airports if di processd ey successful.