Lionel Messi birthday: 10 special moments for di Argentine footballer

Lionel Messi don get many ogbonge moment for im career – afta 627 goals and 34 trophies for Barcelona, and even get six Ballons d’Or ontop.

Lionel Messi salary at di moment na 92 million dollars, according to investopedia.

To celebrate Messi birthday wey be 24 June, we dey give you wetin we feel say na 10 of im most special moments for Barcelona and Argentina.

BBC Sport bin ask our readers to rank di moments and dis na wetin you chose for di man wey turn 33-years-old today.

1. Messi score 91 goals in one year

Lionel Messi and Xavi

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Real Valladolid vs 1-3 Barcelona, 22 December 2012

Di Argentine record-breaking year of 2012 na something wey go dey hard to forget – 91 goals inside one calendar year.

Messi bang 79 goals for Barcelona and 12 for Argentina – in just 69 matches for club and kontri.

2. Messi first hat-trick

Lionel Messi celebrates goal against Real Madrid in 2007

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Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid, 10 March 2007

Messi’s first career hat-trick happun inside one of di biggest matches for football. Di teenager score all of Barca three goals for di 2007 Clasico – di first one of many to come for di Nou Camp.

Na dat day Messi announce imsef to di world.

3. Messi greatest goal?

Barcelona 5-2 Getafe, 18 April 2007

Messi goal for di Copa del Rey semi-final first leg 13 years ago na wetin pipo believe say na im best. Di goal resemble wetin Diego Maradona score against England for di 1986 World Cup.

Messi pick di ball for im own half, beat about five defenders, e go around di goalkeeper and den chook am for back of net.

4. Messi first Champions League final goal

Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United, 27 May 2009

Di match na di 2009 Champions league final and na di first ‘Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo’ match as di Portuguese footballer bin dey play for Manchester United dat time.

Respect increase for Messi wey jump pass everybody for di box to head Xavi cross to score im first Champions League final goal.

5. Messi break Barcelona scoring record

Barcelona 5-3 Granada, 20 March 2012

At just 24 years old, Messi break Barcelona goals and like di ogbonge player wey e be, na hat-trick e use.

Even di former record holder Cesar Rodriguez, if to so say e dey alive, e go happy for Messi sef.

6. Messi Barcelona goal number 500 happun for El Clasico

Lionel Messi holds the 2012 Ballon d'Or


Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona – 23 April 2017

Sweet 500th Barcelona goal wey come for Injury-time against Real for 2017 na wetin win di El Clasico and one wey true fans no go ever forget.

7. Messi win Ballon d’Or number six

Lionel Messi


Messi win im number six Ballon d’Or to break record of di five wey Ronaldo get afta e score 54 times for club and kontri during 2018-19.

“I still get beautiful years to come for me,” im tok as e dey collect di award.

8. Messi break La Liga goals record

Lionel Messi is given bumps after breaking Barcelona's goalscoring record

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Barcelona 5-1 Sevilla, 22 November 2014

Anoda record, anoda hat-trick to take do am. Messi use free-kick to equal Telmo Zarra 251-goal record for La Liga, before e add two more goals to set new record.

9. Messi nack four past Arsenal

Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal, 6 April 2010

Messi score four goals for di first time for im career wen e face Arsenal for 2010 Champions League quarter-final.

Di goal wey sweet pass na wen e lob ball over Manuel Almunia head.

10. Messi win World Cup golden ball

Lionel Messi with the World Cup golden ball

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Germany 1-0 Argentina, 13 July 2014

Although one trophy wey Messi never taste na di World Cup, im don collect personal award from di competition with di 2014 Fifa Golden Ball.

Di award for player wey play pass no really sweet Messi bell: “Right now I no care about the prize. I bin wan take Argentina to di World Cup for all di pipo,” Messi bin tell tori pipo.