Cure for coronavirus: Nigerian researchers announce say dem develop Covid-19 vaccine? See di latest facts

You too dey wonda weda Nigerian researchers announce say dem develop Covid-19 vaccine?

Di matter serious all over di world because evribodi dey shine eye dey look for covid-19 vaccine wey bring cure for coronavirus.

Oh well, tori bin break over di weekend afta some local news channels report say some scientists for Nigerian universities under di group wey dem dey call Covid-19 Research Group, don discover vaccine for di prevention of coronavirus.

Di report wey plenti local tori pipo for Nigeria bin share, claim say na during news conference on Friday, 19 June for Adeleke University di leader of di research team Dr Oladipo Kolawole bin make announcement.

But as BBC Pidgin reach out to di University, Professor Olubukola Oyawoye wey be di Dean of di Faculty of Science wia di research dey take place, clear di air say di tori say scientists for di school don find coronavirus vaccine, no dey accurate.

“Wetin di tori pipo alias journalists bin mean to write be say research dey go on to find solution for Covid-19 through vaccine development. Di researcher bin dey tok about research program wey go take 18 months,” di professor tok.

She explain say di headline wey local and even some international tori pipo bin carry dey misleading as e no even dey possible for covid-19 vaccine to dey ready in the next one to two years.

No kontri for di world don confam di development of any vaccine for Covid-19 although scientists all over dey carry out different vaccine trials.

Professor Oyawole say currently, dem dey prepare to enta di second stage of di vaccine research wey be animal trial. She believe say di vaccine go dey more effective for Africa sake of di climate.

Vaccine development na sometin wey need heavy moni to do and di researchers dey hope to get funding from di University and some oda organisations wey Professor Oyawoye no gree mention for now.

Nigeria don record 20,919 confam cases of coronavirus infections.

According to di latest report from di Nigeria Centre for Disease control, NCDC, di kontri record 7,109 discharged cases of Covid-19 disease and 525 deaths e don enta 35 out of di 36 states of di federation including Abuja, di federal capital of di kontri.

World Health Organization, di world join bodi for bodi mata don tok say upon say many scientists dey torchlight cure for coronavirus, e go take like 18 months for ogbonge vaccine to treat or prevent corovavirus symptoms go land.