Dillibe Onyeama: Eton school apologise to Nigerian ex-student for racism

Dillibe Onyeama

Dillibe Onyeama
Dillibe Onyeama na di first black pesin to finish school for Eton

Di headmaster of Eton College don tell di BBC say belle turn am ontop racism wey di first black person to graduate from di ogbonge British public school experience.

Nigerian writer Dillibe Onyeama collect im secondary school-leaving certificate from Eton for 1969.

E come write book about wetin im eye see wit racism for di school but instead make di school torchlight di issue, dem ban am from di school.

Head Master Simon Henderson tell BBC say im go invite Onyeama to meet am so as to apologise face-to-face and “to make am clear say im go always dey welcome for Eton”.

Warning: Dis article get racial abuse inside

Wetin Onyeama tok?

Onyeama tell BBC say di apology no dey necessary and e no go change di feeling im get for Eton, wey at di end of di day, still dey positive.

Although he add say bad treatment only because of pesin colour and race dey make victims feel like say dem no be human being, and dis one worse pass oda types of prejudice.

Dillibe Onyeama

Dillibe Onyeama
Dem register Dillibe Onyeama to attend Eton when dem born am

E tell BBC say everyday for Eton, oda students abuse am and take am laff.

Dem go ask am kweshion like “Why you dey black?”, “How many maggots dey inside your hair?” and “Your mama dey wear bone inside her nose?”

Na cheat you cheat ba?

When Onyeama no too do well for school, dem go say na because im dey black. When e do well for sports, same tin, na because im be black pesin.

When he collect seven O-level passes, di entire school confuse.

For im book wey tok about im experience, e write: “‘Tell me Onyeama, how you take do am?’ dem go ask me every time,” ‘Na cheat you cheat ba?'”

For 1972 di school send am official letter to tell am say make e no ever show face for Eton again.

Dis dey com after Black Lives Matter protests wey don make many old British companies dem don begin apologise for connection wey dem get to slave trade.

About Eton

King Henry VI found Eton for di year 1440 to give free education to 70 poor boys.

Today, na ogbonge secondary school wey many big-big pipo for British society – like royalty and celebrity – dey attend. Na dia Prime Minister Boris Johnson; Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby; and both di Duke of Cambridge and di Duke of Sussex bin go.

Annual schools fees dey pass $50,000.