Anglophone Crisis: Victim say idea for build dia houses good, but separatist wan stop de process

Mama Bih weh deh burn e house for 2019 for Northwest Cameroon say na good idea for re-build dia houses.

“We di suffer as weh di stay na for oda pipo dia house, tins no fit bi laik before, we di beg for all tin”, Bih tell BBC News Pidgin.

President Biya bin put plan for build Northwest and Southwest regions, create reconstruction commission for put in place national dialogue solution for finish crisis for Anglophone regions.

But, Cho Ayaba, separatist leader, Ambazonia Governing Council, (one of de groups) order kontri pipo for stop activities for three day from June 22 -24 (lockdown) for stop work for reconstruction commission.

Na today, June 22, weh deh Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Commission weh goment create di start sensitisation for Northwest region.

Southwest Northwest Women’s Task Force, SNWOT don condemn dis separatists dia decision for always use lockdown for as civil disobedience.

“E di put pipo for inside plenti suffer and pain”, Sally Mboumien, SNWOT general coordinator tell BBC News Pidgin.

“We di glad for any action weh e go helep for rebuild, rehabilitate and build social cohesion for de region”, e add.

For dia plan, de commission wit support from United Nations Development Programme, UNDP deh go build bridges, school, hospitals, market, houses, farms and some personal doki dem.

Njong Donatus weh na assistant coordinator for reconstruction commission tell BBC News Pidgin say don komot for explain de plan for pipo.

“The population don komot we di tell dem how de construction go bi, make deh know say na dia own project”.

Kontri pipo go contribute small tin, den goment and e partners go also give building material for pipo weh deh don already register for rebuild dia houses.

Some pipo di check say dis plan for rebuild de regions for work, goment for fist find way for stop de crisis.

SNWOT don warn say any project weh military go supervise fit make pipo loss cargo again di beg say make de two sides shiddon tok for find beta solution for de crisis.

Anglophone crisis start for 2016 and just now, fighting still di go on; about, 3000 pipo die, 600,000 pipo run go oda areas, deh burn houses, schools, health centres and bridges.